No advertising of an event can take place until the event has been approved on CubConnect.

If advertising happens before approval is granted, the event may be subject to cancellation.


Banners are permitted to be displayed outside of the Student Center with approval from the Office of Student Life.

To hang a banner outside the front of the Student Center, the Banner Space Reservation and Design Submission Form must be completed on CubConnect 14 days before the desired first date of display.

Banner design must be approved before banners can be displayed.

Banner spaces are 98 inches wide and 72 inches tall. Any banner created outside of these dimensions will result in parts of the banner not being visible. Extensions of the poles to accommodate banners is not allowed.

Banners are subject to approval by OSL staff and banner spaces may not be occupied for more than 5 days at a time. 

Organizations are responsible for display and removal of their own banners.

Housing Posting Policy

Housing and Residence Life allows RSOs and UCA Departments to post informational flyers in the residence halls and apartments. Please review the Policy for posting in these locations.

Student Center Advertisements

Posting a flyer in the Student Center requires stamped approval at the Concierge Services desk (first floor by the C-Store and Post Office) or a student working in the Student Center office on the second floor.

Flyer needs to be unlaminated and have the sponsoring organization’s name visible.

You are permitted 3 flyers that are 8.5″x11″ or one 11″x17″, no items bigger than this will be allowed.

Flyers can stay up a maximum of 3 weeks. Any flyer needing to be posted longer must be approved again after the 3 week period.

Student Center Solicitation

Selling of items or collection money or items for donation requires a solicitation form be on file in the Student Center Office.

Solicitation inside the Student Center will need to be on file with the SC Scheduling Office with the space reservation request.

Solicitation outside the Student Center will go directly to the Student Center Office.

Solicitation Forms must be on file not later than the day prior to the event and must be signed by the RSO’s on-campus advisor.