Updating Page Information

Keeping your organization’s profile up to date aids interested current and potential students in learning more about your organization. On the About page, you can update a brief summary, a larger description, contact info, social media information, and meeting time and location.

This information can also be updated annually during RSO Renewals, but it’s good practice to review each semester and make edits as needed.

  • Step 1: From the homepage, open your left menu, scroll down to the organization, and click on the settings wheel. From there, choose the About section.

  • Step 2: Update details and click the blue “Update” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Please note: contact information will be available publicly. Do not put any address, email, or phone number you don’t want to be available to anyone browsing CubConnect.

To change your Official Name, please complete the RSO Name Change Request.