Funding your RSO

Funding your organization can happen in a variety of ways, all of which have their pros and cons.

Student Government Association Funding

Student Activity Fee Allocation (SAFA)

Each semester SGA obtains SAFA fees from all enrolled students. These fees are available for use by RSOs that have completed the SAFA request process on CubConnect. The SAFA process runs one semester in advance (i.e. Fall requests are for Spring funding, Spring requests are for Fall funding.)

SAFA uses two requests in the Finance tab of the Org Menu.

Budget Request – an itemized request for funding from SAFA utilizing the SAFA sections.

  • Advertising – tents, flyers, posters, tablecloths, banners, etc.
  • Concerts, Speakers, Performers, Artists – covers speaking fees only, SAFA does not fund travel accommodation or food
  • Events – all event supplies including decorations, cookware, craft supplies, etc. SAFA does not fund gifts, giveaways, prizes, uniforms, awards, or parties.
  • Conferences – SAFA can cover up to $2000 in registration fees and does not cover travel, accommodation, or food.
  • Miscellaneous – other requested funds. These are subject to SAFA guidelines listed above.

Purchase Request – a request to obtain reimbursement for purchases made from approved SAFA budgets.

Spring 2023 SAFA Dates

Emergency SAFA

Emergency SAFA follows the SAFA process outlined above, but is only available for new RSOs or RSOs that have not requested SAFA funding in the last two academic years.

SGA Funding Request

This request is made outside of the traditional SAFA/emergency SAFA process. Contact the SGA VP of Finance for more information about non-SAFA funding.


Each RSO can participate in fundraising throughout the year in various ways. Some organizations host events to raise money for a particular reason, or sell goods in person or online. All fundraising must follow the guidelines on page 54 the UCA Student Handbook.

Membership Dues

Most RSOs elect to gather organization dues at the beginning of each academic year or semester. The process, time frame, and dues amount should be outlined in your constitution/bylaws. Any dues collected by an organization must to be deposited into the RSO’s bank account. They should never be kept by an individual member. 

Foundation Accounts

Some organizations establish accounts through the UCA Foundation for alumni and non-UCA entities to provide donations. More information can be obtained on the Foundation website or by contacting

Each RSO should review the UCA Cash Handling Procedures to ensure all policies are being followed. All cash deposits need to be made to Agency Accounts within 24 hours of receiving the funds.