RSO Events Policy

The Office of Student Life recognizes the value of both on and off campus events. In an effort to ensure the safety and success of these events, the following policy shall govern the planning and implementation of all events. Any exceptions to these procedures must be approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs or their designee.

All Recognized Student Organization (RSO) events should be registered on CubConnect. Any event that meets the definition of a social event MUST be registered and approved. All social events must be registered on CubConnect at least two weeks (10 business days) prior to the planned event date and time.

Regardless of location, events may be defined as an RSO event if:

  • It can be easily associated with a specific RSO by a reasonable observer;
  • Members took part in the coordination of the event for the benefit of other members of the organization and participants; or
  • The event is sponsored by, financed by, and/or endorsed by the organization.

Events shall be categorized as either non-social or social in nature.

  • A non-social event is defined as any function or activity that provides for the business, administrative, or educational needs of members.
  • A social event is defined as any function or activity that is provided by an organization to meet the interpersonal or entertainment needs of members and/or participants. 
  • All events that might fall into both categories should always be registered as social.

Events are categorized as on or off-campus and either open or closed.

  • On-campus: any event happening in an on-campus location. This includes all property owned by UCA, even if not on campus proper.
  • Off-campus: any event happening off campus, whether within or outside Faulkner county.
  • Open: Open to members of the public and UCA students/faculty/staff members.
  • Closed: Participation restricted to sponsoring RSO membership times two (2) or membership of sponsoring RSOs only.
    • Student Life can approve exceptions to attendance restrictions on a case-by-case basis.

If you need assistance in determining the categories for your event, please contact the Office of Student Life. 

A student organization may invite other special groups (non-RSO/UCA) if approved in advance by the Office of Student Life. A student organization that sponsors any event shall, at all times, be responsible for the actions of its participants.

All events will be evaluated by the Office of Student Life for approval and appropriate supplies needed. Notification of event requirements will be made upon approval of the events on CubConnect.

In addition to any civil or criminal action taken by local authorities, alleged violations of this policy will be addressed through the university discipline system. The national office of the sponsoring organization may be notified. Information about off-campus events will be forwarded to appropriate law enforcement agencies. UCA reserves the right to attend and monitor any event’s activities.

Eligibility to hold Social Events

In order to host social events, the president, two additional executive board officers, and the member responsible for planning events must complete RSO Events Training and RSO Event Monitor Training. The Office of Student Life created two (2) trainings that are available on the Vector Solutions platform. These trainings can be completed at any time. If an organization fails to meet this requirement, no social event can be held until the requirement is met.

Recognized Student Organizations are not permitted to host social events during Welcome Week, Study Day, or Finals Week.

UCA reserves the right to limit the number of major events allowed per day.

Police/Event Security

UCA Police are the required method of security for social events held on or off-campus within Faulkner County. UCAPD, in consultation with the Office of Student Life Staff, will determine the number of officers needed to work the event.

Deadlines for student organizations to contact UCAPD differ according to where the event will take place. RSO events will not be approved if they do not meet these deadlines. 

  • Events within Faulkner County: RSOs must contact UCAPD no later than fourteen (14) days prior to an event to make security arrangements
  • Events outside of Faulkner County: UCAPD will not work off-campus events outside of Faulkner County. Documentation of the security agency working the event must be submitted to UCAPD thirty (30) days in advance and include the contact name and phone number for the agency.

RSOs must arrange security prior to registration on CubConnect.

Event Monitors

A student organization may be required to provide “event monitors” from its own membership to work events. It is recommended to have one event monitor per every 50 estimated participants at the event (Ex: 300 anticipated participants would mean 6 event monitors are needed.) Student Life expects all event monitors to be students rather than faculty, staff, or off-campus advisors.

Event monitors must complete the RSO Event Monitor Training on the Vector Solutions platform. The number of monitors trained must be sufficient to cover the largest anticipated open event sponsored by the organization.

  • Names and phone numbers will be required for all anticipated monitors upon registration of the event on CubConnect.

Duties of event monitors include:

  • Introduce themselves to the advisor and/or university police officer(s) to review security procedures.
  • Administer admission procedures established for the event.
  • Remain sober throughout the duration of the event.
  • Wear identifiable uniforms.
  • Perform regular checks to ensure UCA policy is being upheld.
  • Immediately report any infraction of school policy to on-duty police officer(s). 


Any event with alcohol MUST be closed.

Student organizations are responsible for establishing procedures to minimize the risk of alcohol related incidents and ensure that all local, state, and federal laws (and national policies, if applicable) are followed. Such procedures may include, but are not limited to:

  • Checking IDs to ensure students are of legal age to consume alcohol
  • Establishing an identification system (such as wristbands) to ensure alcohol is not provided to minors
  • Providing designated drivers for individuals who are intoxicated and/or are over the legal limit to drive
  • Actively taking steps to minimize intoxication of individuals

A copy of the organization’s national policy on social events and alcohol related events must be submitted in the event registration.

It is highly encouraged that the entirety of the Event Planning Toolkit be reviewed and the recommendations provided be taken into consideration as an event is planned.

All information provided in the CubConnect registration, through comments on the event submission, and/or in final approval messages must be accurately implemented during the event and is subject to this policy. Substantial changes to the event plan must be reported as soon as possible.

The Dean of Students and Office of Student Life staff reserve the right to amend this policy as needed, and will send notification upon updates.

Updated January 2024