Locations, Scheduling, and Event Time

Events can occur in either on or off-campus locations.

On-campus events scheduled on weekends (Friday and Saturday) must end no later than 1 AM. On-campus events scheduled on weeknights (Sunday through Thursday) must end no later than 12 AM.

Off-campus events must have music turned off and lights turned on no later than 2 AM.

The Office of Student Life, in conjunction with UCA PD, may approve end time extensions on a case by case basis.

No events can be held during Welcome Week, Study Day, or Finals week.

Events cannot interfere with residence hall quiet hours, residents living near campus, night classes or other university scheduled events (including but not limited to events in SFA, the Student Center, Intramural Sports, Athletic Practices at the Indoor Practice Center, etc.). The scheduling office staff will be responsible for determining if an event interferes with classes or other scheduled events.

Reserving Event Space

Events should have locations approved prior to registration on CubConnect.

Most areas on campus available for online reservation utilize the Virtual EMS platform for scheduling. On the Virtual EMS platform you will also find “Tutorials” on the reservation process and a list of “Other Locations” that can be reserved but are not on Event Scheduling website.

Most locations utilized by RSOs are coordinated by either the Centralized Scheduling Office or Student Center Scheduling Office.

Additional information regarding event space on campus and reservation processes can be found here.

For special use of Campus Recreation locations, contact Logan Wile at lwile@uca.edu and for Challenge Course reservations contact Rob Stine at rstine@uca.edu. For special use of varsity Athletics Facilities contact Darrell Walsh at darrellw@uca.edu.

Outdoor Locations

The university has established guidelines to assist RSOs that wish to schedule outdoor events on the UCA campus. Refer to the Social Events Policy for regulations regarding timing of events, security, and event advertisement.


RSOs that schedule outdoor events may be assessed charges related to their event that include:

  • Campus security
  • Electrical/Lighting needs
  • Restroom facilities (for portable toilets)
  • Staging, tables, chairs, etc.
  • Possible clean-up
Outdoor Music
  • Amplified music played in an outdoor venue is regulated by the rules set forth in the Student Entertainment Policy.
Clean up
  • Student organizations who schedule an on-campus outdoor event must have a clean-up committee whose purpose is to clean up event grounds immediately following the event.
  • Failure to adequately clean up the event area will result in a fee assessed to the organization.

The following locations have been identified as possible sites for outdoor events.

Weekday locations (for Sunday through Thursday nights):

  • Mudstock area (southwest of Physical Plant)
  • Farris Intramural Softball Fields
  • Outdoor Recreational Field
  • Indoor Practice Facility

Weekend locations (for Friday and Saturday nights):

  • Mudstock area (Southwest of Physical Plant)
  • Farris Intramural Softball Fields
  • Outdoor Recreational Field
  • Indoor Practice Facility
  • Irby Hall
Additional info

The event locations listed above are approved on a trial basis and may be adjusted in the future depending on scheduling of night classes and other considerations.

The Outdoor Event Locations & Guidelines document will be made available to RSOs through the UCA Scheduling Officers and at RSO training.