Event Supplies

Most Social Events require supplies that are rented from the Student Life Office. (An approval message in CubConnect will tell you if supplies are needed or not.)

Supplies need to be picked up from the Student Life Office the afternoon before the event between 1 PM and 4:30 PM. Supplies for events on the weekend need to be picked up on Friday. Failure to retrieve supplies will result in your event being cancelled.

All supplies should be returned no later than the close of business (4:30 PM) on the business day following the event.

If supplies are not returned by the specified time, Student Life will enforce the following:
  • A $15 per day late fee will be charged.
  • If items are not returned within one week of the return date, are returned damaged, or have been lost/misplaced, the organization will be charged the full replacement cost for the item(s).
    • Coroplast Signs – $15 per sign
    • Metal Detector Wands – $25 per wand
    • Attendance Clicker – $10
    • Student Life Bag – $20
  • All RSO privileges will be suspended until any late fees or replacement costs are received.