Masks are required as the campus is at red status.


UCA Police are the required method of security for events held on campus or off-campus within Faulkner County.

UCAPD, in consultation with the Office of Student Life, will determine the amount of police needed to work the event.

Any “open” event must have uniformed police officers with arrest authority present at the event.

Closed events may be required to have police officers present depending on the judgment of UCAPD in consultation with Student Life staff.

Events outside Faulkner County must have another security agency working the event and their information must be provided to UCAPD.

Contact Deadlines

Any events within Faulkner County: RSOs must contact UCAPD no later than fourteen (14) days prior to an event to make security arrangements.

Events outside of Faulkner County: UCAPD will not work off-campus events outside of Faulkner County. Documentation of the security agency working the event must be submitted to UCAPD thirty (30) days in advance and include the contact name and phone number for the agency.

RSOs must arrange security prior to registration on CubConnect.

RSO events will not be approved if they do not meet these deadlines.

Contact Information

To contact UCA Police about an event, please email Captain Jamie Boothe at Captain Boothe has requested he be emailed rather than called as he checks his email regularly whether in or out of the office.