Starting an RSO on CubConnect

    • Step 1: Before registering a new organization, understand that you MUST have the following before submitting this form: 
      • A completed constitution/ set of bylaws
      • A separate president and treasurer
      • Eight (8) organization members
      • An on-campus full-time faculty/staff advisor
    • Step 2: Navigate to the “Organizations” tab from the CubConnect homepage, and select “Register an Organization” on the left side of the page.

CubConnect RSO registration page 1

    • Step 3: Select the blue “Register a New Organization” at the bottom of the page

Register New RSO button

    • Step 4: Fill out the organization information required by the form. As stated before, you should already have chapter bylaws and the beginnings of an executive board, so fill out that information within the form, and finish by selecting blue “Submit for Approval” button to complete the form.

Submit for Approval button on CubConnect