Faculty Handbook Committee


The charge of the Faculty Handbook Committee shall be to (a) review the Faculty Handbook, (b) accept and consider suggestions for changes, and (c) recommend any revisions, modifications or amendments in writing to the president of the Faculty Senate and to the Office of the Provost. The committee shall meet in the month of September each year, and may meet at such other times as the provost or chair of the committee may determine. Each member shall be provided with reasonable advance written notice of the date, time and place of each meeting, and be provided with drafts of any proposed changes for consideration at the meeting. Any proposed revisions or amendments to this Faculty Handbook shall be voted upon by the committee. Such revisions or recommendations shall be forwarded to the Faculty Senate for its review and recommendations. The revisions and the advice of the Faculty Senate on such revisions shall then be forwarded to the president of the university. Suggestions for the improvement of the Faculty Handbook shall be made in writing and directed to the Office of the Provost, the chair of the Faculty Handbook Committee or to the Faculty Senate president.


The committee shall be composed of
(i) the provost (or an associate provost with academic tenure designated by the provost),
(ii) the immediate past president of the Faculty Senate who will serve as chair, and
(iii) one tenured faculty member, senior lecturer, or senior clinical/laboratory instructor from each academic college of the university selected by the full-time continuing faculty from such college, and to serve for a three-year term and
(iv) one tenured faculty member, senior lecturer, or senior clinical/laboratory instructor who is not affiliated with any of the university’s academic colleges, to serve for a three-year term, selected by the full-time continuing unaffiliated faculty members.
No more than three members can be untenured. The current president of the Faculty Senate, the vice president for finance and administration, the associate vice president for human resources and risk management, and the general counsel of the university shall also be members of the Faculty Handbook Committee, but shall not have a vote.


Member Term Title
Kaye McKinzie 2018 Immediate Past President of Faculty Senate, Chair
Michael Hargis Permanent Interim Provost
Alicia Cotabish 2019 College of Education
________ 2018 College of Fine Arts and Communications
Kim Eskola 2020  College of Health and Behavior Sciences
Michael Shaefer 2020 College of Liberal Arts
Pat Cantrell 2019 College of Business
Charles Watson 2020 College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Amber Wilson 2018 Unaffiliated
Taine Duncan 2018 President of Faculty Senate, (Ex-Officio, non-voting)
Diane Newton Permanent Vice-President for Finance and Administration (Ex-Officio, non-voting)
Graham Gillis Permanent Associate Vice-President for Human Resources & Risk Management (Ex-Officio, non-voting)
Warren Readnour  Permanent General Counsel (Ex-Officio, non-voting)

Faculty Handbook, May 2017


Weekly during the academic year.

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