Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureate Music Advising

All UCA students receive assistance from an assigned primary academic advisor. All declared undergraduate and post-baccalaureate music majors will be advised by Ms. Carrie Martens, Music Advisor.

All music minors should refer to Ms. Martens for assistance navigating music minor requirements. Music minors are encouraged to schedule an appointment with Ms. Martens once per semester to ensure efficient and appropriate fulfillment of minor requirements.

Ms. Carrie Martens
SFA Room 208

Graduate Music Advising

Students pursuing the Graduate Certificate in Music are advised by Dr. Louis Young.

Students pursuing the Master of Music are advised by Dr. Paige Rose.


Scheduling an Appointment

Current UCA Students: Please email Ms. Martens at if you would like to have a virtual advising appointment via Google Meet or Zoom.

Incoming Fall 2020 Freshman Music Majors: You will receive information via email about scheduling your one-on-one freshman registration/advising appointment with Ms. Martens.

Music Advising Resources

The Music Major Advising Center, SFA 208, houses advising resources and physical copies of the forms and documents located on this page. SFA 208 will always be open and accessible for music majors and minors any time the building is open.


Admission to the Bachelor of Music Performance Concentration 

Current music majors interested in pursuing the Bachelor of Music Performance Concentration must apply for admission and successfully audition to declare this concentration. During a fall or spring applied jury performance, the student must submit a Bachelor of Music Performance Concentration Application. The applied jury performance will serve as an audition for admission to the Bachelor of Music Performance Concentration. Admission requires a signature of approval from all applied music faculty in the student’s area of study on the Bachelor of Music Performance Concentration Application.

Click Here for BM Performance Concentration Application 



Admission to the Bachelor of Music Composition Concentration 

Students interested in pursuing the concentration in Composition should notify the Composition faculty during the first semester of the freshman year, take MUS 2233 Composition Class in the spring of the freshman year, and submit the BM Composition Concentration Application that includes submission of two or three pieces for different media at the end of the freshman year. Successful completion of MUS 2233, 1232, and 1233 with a grade of A or B and a satisfactory audition are required for admission to the program.

Click Here for BM Composition Concentration Application



Creating Your Personal Degree Plan

Before your advising appointment during your fourth semester of music study, you must complete a personal degree plan that outlines a semester-by-semester plan for successfully completing all remaining degree requirements. You will review your plan with Ms. Martens during your academic advising appointment. Carefully read and follow the instructions on the first page of the document to edit, save, and share your personal degree plan. Please note that your individual advising check sheet (emailed to you as a PDF following your advising appointment) as well as the Academic Map for your degree concentration are helpful resources for completing your Personal Degree Plan. 

Click Here for Personal Degree Plan Template



Important Reminders for Music Majors

DO NOT enroll in a degree-required course if you did not earn a passing grade in one or more of its prerequisite courses.  For example, do not register and enroll in Music History I if you earned an “F” in Introduction to Music Literature. For music education majors, a “C” or better is required for all pedagogy, technology, professional education, and internship courses. For example, music education majors who earn a “D” in MUS 3305 Elementary Methods should not enroll in MUS 3304 Secondary Methods in Instrumental Music Education or MUS 3306 Secondary Methods in Choral Music Education.

Beginning with your fifth semester of music study, always register for 4000-level applied lessons and ALL ensembles.


Music Degree Check Sheets

Below you will find a 2020-2021 advising check sheet for each music degree/concentration currently offered at the University of Central Arkansas. Please note that an advising check sheet is an advising tool. Students should refer to and be familiar with their specific degree requirements and university academic policies stated in the Undergraduate Bulletin, particularly the UCA Core including Lower-Division Core Requirements as well as Upper-Division Core Requirements.

Bachelor of Music Education:

Music Education – Woodwind    Music Education – Brass   Music Education – Percussion

Music Education – String   Music Education – Piano Instrumental     Music Education – Piano Vocal

Music Education – Vocal

Bachelor of Music, Performance Concentrations:

Music Performance – Instrumental    Music Performance – Piano    Music Performance – Vocal

Bachelor of Music, Composition Concentration:

Music Composition

Bachelor of Music, Piano Pedagogy Concentration:

Piano Pedagogy

Bachelor of Arts in Music: 

BA – Music

Minor in Music:

Minor – Music


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