MUS 1000 Music Recital Attendance

This attendance reporting process is only for music majors enrolled in MUS 1000 Music Recital Attendance. For MUS 2300 Music Appreciation reporting procedures, please refer to your instructor and course syllabus. 


Report Your Attendance:

Tap the appropriate button below to properly report your attendance at a performance to receive MUS 1000 Music Recital Attendance credit.

Submissions that do not meet the requirements outlined in the MUS 1000 Music Recital Attendance syllabus WILL NOT be approved for recital attendance credit.

Check-in forms must be submitted no more than 5 minutes after the published start-time for the performance. Check-out forms must be submitted no more than 15 minutes AFTER the end of the performance.

Students are responsible for properly submitting both a check-in and check-out form to earn credit for attending a performance.

X-Period General Recital Information


Click or Tap Here for X-Period General Recital information including the General Recital Request Form and a list of upcoming General Recital dates.