Audition Dates and Deadlines*

*All music auditions for the spring of 2021 will be virtual unless otherwise arranged with specific faculty. The dates listed below are submission deadlines used by the department to review applications and auditions for admission and scholarships to the Department of Music.
The earlier you apply and audition, the more likely that scholarship funds will be available!
Both the graduate and undergraduate music applications require you to submit your recorded audition materials.  The application’s “Submit” or “Save” option will automatically alert specific area faculty members and will give you contact information for setting up a live audition if desired. 
  • January 29 – 1st Deadline for Department Review of Music Application
  • February 12 – 2nd Deadline for Department Review of Music Application
  • February 26 – 3rd Deadline for Department Review of Music Application
  • March 12 – FINAL DEADLINE for Scholarship Consideration 
  • April 9 – Final Deadline for Department Review of Music Application 

Apply NOW!

Undergraduates must fill out the Music Department Application for department review and scholarship consideration.
Undergraduates must also Apply to UCA for university admission to become a BEAR!
Graduate students will apply to the music department and Graduate School through Graduate Admissions.
If you have questions, problems, or concerns, please contact us at 501-450-3163 or


Audition Expectations

Each instrument (or area of instruments) has specific expectations for your audition.  Please look below to find the expectations for your field.