MUS 2000 Sophomore Review

MUS 2000 is a degree-required course for all UCA undergraduate music degrees and concentrations (BA, BM, and BME). Students must successfully complete the course with a grade of credit “CR” to fulfill the degree requirement. Additionally, MUS 2000 is a prerequisite requirement for upper-division (3000/4000-level) coursework in music, with the exception of upper-division ensembles (prefix MUSE). Students must successfully complete MUS 2000 to be eligible to enroll in upper-division music (prefix MUS) and music applied (prefix MUSA) courses. Exceptions to this prerequisite policy apply to specific upper-division MUS courses in specific degree concentrations. Refer to the UCA Department of Music undergraduate advisor for more information about these exceptions.

The MUS 2000 Sophomore Review performance examination will be administered during an end-of-the-semester jury with a panel of applied faculty members present to assess and complete a MUS 2000 Sophomore Review Score Report for each student.

MUS 2000 Sophomore Review Grading

The minimum passing score for all MUS 2000 Sophomore Review performance examinations is 70/100. Performance examination requirements and score categories vary based on the student’s primary applied area of study. Please refer to the MUS 2000 Sophomore Review Performance Examination Requirements for each applied area linked below.

MUS 2000 Sophomore Review Final Grade:

Performance Exam Score ≥ 70/100 = Passing Grade of Credit “CR.”

Performance Exam Score < 70/100 = Failing Grade of No Credit “NC.”

Faculty MUS 2000 Score Reports

Woodwind MUS 2000 Score Report

Brass MUS 2000 Score Report

Percussion MUS 2000 Score Report

Piano MUS 2000 Score Report

String MUS 2000 Score Report

Guitar MUS 2000 Score Report

Voice MUS 2000 Score Report