Tegrity Update 2012

Did you know UCA has a platform available that provides online lecture capture, student recording, and remote proctoring services?  Tegrity can be used in any Blackboard course.  For more information, see https://uca.edu/cte/techresources/.
A recent update now allows instructors to re-upload recordings directly from the actions menu as well as select which screen will be recorded when there are multiple screens on a machine.  For more update information or for specific questions regarding Tegrity, contact the IDC at idc@uca.edu or 450-5240.

Tegrity Connect

Did you know that the lecture capture software, Tegrity, includes a chatting feature that both the instructor and students can use?  To access Tegrity Connect (chat), click on the little button (looks like a blue head/shoulders) just to the left of the Tegrity logo.  Clicking this button will open up a small window in which you can see who is online, adjust your availability status, and chat with classmates.

This feature allows students to communicate with the instructor (when the instructor is online) regarding questions from viewing a class session.  This tool also allows students to communicate among themselves about class sessions, which could potentially lessen the number of questions coming to the instructor.

This communication tool is automatically available to all Tegrity users.  However, the users can only communicate with other students and instructors in the courses in which they are enrolled.

This has been another great Tech Tip from the Instructional Development Center.  Any questions regarding Tegrity, Tegrity Connect, or other instructional technologies can be directed to Vicki Parish in the IDC at vparish@uca.edu or 450-5059.

Tegrity for Absent Days

Are all these snow days putting your classes behind schedule?  If so, consider trying Tegrity, lecture capture software UCA has available for you.  This software allows you to give a lecture from your personal computer at home and allows your students to view the lecture from their personal computers.  You can give a live lecture or you can simply record a lecture and require students to view it before the next face-to-face class.  All you need to make this happen is a Blackboard shell, a computer with a good Internet connection, a webcam (optional), and a microphone (built into most webcams).  For questions on how to set this up, contact Vicki in the IDC at vparish@uca.edu or 450-5059.