User Support

IT’s User Support team provides technical assistance to end users of technology services. This includes telephone, on location, and depot support. Some level of assistance is available to all areas of the UCA campus.


PrinterLogic allows users to install printers, along with their associated drivers, from a web browser and to submit print jobs over the network. To print using PrinterLogic, follow the instructions in the Knowledgebase article Installing and uninstalling printers and copiers.


Keep your computer safe from threats that can cause harm to your computer. For recommendations and tips on keeping your computer secure, visit the Information Security page.

Supported Computers

Computer models fall under limited support when parts for them are no longer available from the vendor. For more information, view the list of Supported Computers.


IT desktop technicians perform the following services:

  • installing, configuring, and supporting networked microsystems and software
  • assisting Mac users with hardware and software issues
  • assisting infrastructure personnel with new building wiring projects
  • providing technical support in residence halls (when a residence hall technician is absent)
  • staffing the Help Desk as needed in a professional and skillful manner
  • promoting goodwill and professional customer relations within the campus community


The Workroom performs the following services:

  • reformatting UCA computer
  • reinstalling software on UCA computers
  • troubleshooting and repairing computer problems
  • replacing computer hardware
  • delivering, setting up, and installing new computers for faculty and staff members
  • assisting the IT Help Desk staff with work overflow
  • maintaining most departmental computer labs throughout the UCA campus

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