IT’s Programming team provides technical services to the campus primarily in support of Banner modules and multiple add-on systems that need to interface with Banner. They assist departments in optimizing their data and generating reports. The programmers are available to analyze problems and/or desired changes to either the data in Banner or current business processes and the impact those changes can have on different areas. The Programming team strives to assist the campus in maintaining both our system and data integrity.


The Programming team is responsible for:

  • data cleanup
  • coding and implementing process improvements
  • implementing products and services that supplement Banner
  • assisting with problem resolutions
  • creating and maintaining reports


Argos is the university’s reporting tool. The Programming team creates reports as requested by the data owners and publishes them in Argos for authorized campus use. The programming team is also available to assist departmental report developers with any reporting questions or issues the developers may experience.


Automic, formerly called AppWorx, is a job-scheduling service used to automate many routine tasks associated with the ERP system. The programming team will create scripts and maintain processes to automate jobs as needed to support UCA business practices.


The Programming team assists with troubleshooting problems within the Banner system, working with data owners to design and implement changes as requested.

Data Extraction

The Programming team provides scripts to extract data from Banner for use with other third-party systems. These systems include GradesFirst, Blackboard, Medicat, MyLabsPlus, Fusion, Mass Notification, Kivuto, SmartEvals, OrgSync, Benefits, and more.

Report Request

UCA has implemented a ticketing system for Reports, Programming and Enterprise Applications. Click here to request changes to an existing report and/or submit a new report request.