Enterprise Applications

IT’s Enterprise Applications team provides support for Banner modules and the myUCA portal, as well as multiple add-on systems that interface with Banner.


The Enterprise Applications team supports the following services, among others:


Argos is the university’s reporting tool. Access to the reporting tool is granted by the data owners.


Cashnet is the university’s cashiering system. Currently, students can sign up for direct deposit of excess aid and pay their bill online with the services provided by Cashnet. Students can access Cashnet via myUCA.

Self-Service Banner

Self-Service Banner (SSB) provides a web interface to commonly used functions of the Banner application. You can access Self-Service via myUCA.

Internet Native Banner

Administrative users interface with the Banner application via Oracle forms and is commonly referred to as Internet Native Banner (INB). Access to the various Banner modules via INB is granted by the data owners. You can access INB via myUCA.

Degree Works

Degree Works is an online degree-auditing system for students and academic advisors. Students can use DegreeWorks to track their degree progress, calculate projected GPAs, compare their course history to other degrees and majors, and create personalized multi-year plans that they can review with their advisor. You can access Degree Works via myUCA.


Automic is a job-scheduling service used to automate many routine tasks associated with the ERP system.