IT’s Networking team is responsible for planning, designing, and general operations of the campus network.

Connecting to UCA’s Wireless Network

To connect your device to the university wireless network via WiFi, refer to the Knowledgebase article Connecting to UCA’s wireless network.

Wireless Registration

Some devices cannot authenticate with the wireless network on their own, such as gaming consoles and media streaming devices; in these cases, you must register your wireless device with IT.

For full instructions on registering your device with IT for wireless access, refer to the Knowledgebase article Registering a wireless device with IT.

Networking in Campus Housing

The UCA campus network is available in all university residence halls and some apartment buildings. For the wired port in your room, you will need a CAT5E patch cable. When you connect your computer to the UCA network, always abide by the policies in the student handbook and UCA’s Computer Use Policy.

Do not connect personal networking equipment, such as routers and wireless access points, to the network. They can interfere with other students attempting to access the network.


For help in connecting to the network, refer to the Networking section of the Knowledgebase.

Online Forms

For the full list of online forms related to networking, go to the Online Forms / Requests page.