NBC Learn Access

Are you looking for a short video to introduce a concept you’re about to cover in class or maybe a photograph of Neil Armstrong? If so, check out the NBC Learn Archives which contains thousands of videos, historic newsreels, primary source documents, photographs and more available to instructors, researchers and students.  The archives can be accessed on campus at http://highered.nbclearn.com and off campus by following the instructions on our Technology Resources page at https://uca.edu/cte/techresources/.  For full access to all of the features of this resource, become a registered user today!

NBC Learn Access

Do you need a short video clip to introduce a topic?  Might you be interested in seeing a handwritten letter from George Washington?

UCA is piloting a new software called NBC Learn: Archives on Demand.  This is a resource for thousands of educational video clips and news reels from the 20s to today.  NBC Learn has also acquired some premier partners that provide newspaper clippings and articles, letters from high ranking officials, and other primary source documents.  This database of videos and primary source documents includes resources for 26 different subject areas and is updated weekly to keep you and your students up to date.

To get started:

1.  Go to www.highered.nbclearn.com.  If you are on campus you will see in the top-right corner “Welcome, University of Central Arkansas.” From here you are able to view entire videos and access everything in the database.

2. However, to get full access to everything the site has to offer, click “Register Now” and register with your UCA email address.  This will give you access to download archives to your local computer, save archives to your playlist, take notes, and access the site and your information  from any location.

Note for Off Campus Users: To access the archives, find the Distance Education channel on MyUCA and click the link from within here first.  Once you are in, register using your UCA email address.  Once you are registered you will have full access to the site as well as be able to log in directly to the site without going through MyUCA each time.

If you find you have any questions or concerns regarding this product, please feel free to contact the IDC at 450-5240 or IDC@uca.edu.