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University of Central Arkansas Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

DPT Class of 2024 PT Club and Class Officers, July 2022

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PT Club Officers 2022-2023


2022-2023 PT Club Officers:  President: Sarah Malakoff, Vice-President: Dakota Mooney, Secretary:  Amanda Okolo, Treasurer: Leslie Lingo, and Community Service Coordinator: Lauren Brantley.   Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Twala Maresh




DPT2024 Class Officers


DPT Class of 2024 Officers: President:  Cross Reames, Vice President:  Ethan Wagner, Historians:  Shelby Little, Maci Layne, and Kenley Turner




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DPT2023 Officers


DPT Class of 2023 Officers:  President:  Peter Okolo, Vice President:  Jarrod Rogers, Historians:  Britney Corker, Hayley Dingler, Ashton Hill




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DPT Class of 2022 Officers


DPT Class of 2022 Officers:  President:  Sydney Roset, Vice President:  Landon Turner, Historians:  Gracie Walters and Hannah Crain




2021-2022 UCA Marquette Challenge Committee: 

President:   Becca Mize, Vice President:  Dylan Alexander, Treasurer:  Caressa Wilson, and Secretary:  Amber Barker.  Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Margaret McGee

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UCADPT-Program-Expenses Worksheet with estimated costs for current students.

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