How can I get a copy of my Immunization or Lab Results records?

You may obtain your Immunization or Lab Results records by stopping by our clinic during our clinic hours or you may fax us a signed Permission for Release of Medical Information Form requesting this information. Fax # (501) 450-3370

OR you could get the copy of your immunization record online follow the steps below:
1. Access the Patient Portal at https://uca.medicatconnect.com/
2. In your Patient Portal, click on the Immunization tab under the UCA logo
4. Click on the Print button to see or print your immunization record.

How do I opt-in into text message notifications?

1. Log-in into your Patient Portal (click here or copy and paste the link https://uca.medicatconnect.com/ )
2. In the top right corner of the Patient Portal, click on your name and select “Edit Your Profile.”
3. Enter your cell phone number in the “Cell Phone” field including area code, for example, 5011234556
4. Check the box called “I would like to receive SMS text message reminders.”
5. Click “Save” to save the changes you made.

OR Watch and follow the steps in this video https://youtu.be/0WRy8aPiTlk

How to make a request for COVID-19 Testing?

1. Make sure you’ve opted-in to receive text message notifications through our new system.
2. Access the Patient Portal at https://uca.medicatconnect.com/
3. In your Patient Portal, click on the Appointment tab under the UCA logo.
4. Select your symptom or type more than one and click submit
5. Next, click the drop-down menu under reason and select COVID-19 Testing. For the provider select either All or COVID-19, then click submit.
6. Be sure to read the message. In summary, it says that you are not scheduling a specific appointment time to be seen at the UCA Student Health Center and that you will get an email (and text message if you opt to receive our text messages) giving you more details about what to do once your request is submitted. Making an appointment for COVID-19 on your Patient Portal just lets us know that you want to be tested and does not commit you to specific appointment time.
7. Please select any of the available appointment times. After you select your time, it will say that your appointment is saved.
8. Next, you are REQUIRED to fill out the COVID-19 Testing Questionnaire before you can be tested. To do so, click on the Forms tab, and on this page, you will see the Questionnaire that you have to complete.
9. After you fill out your form, submit it, and check your email and text message notifications for your next instructions.

OR Watch and follow the steps in this video https://youtu.be/Fn1bT0aGn6I

Can I get a TB Skin Test at the Student Health Center?

Yes, you WILL need an appointment to receive a skin test, so give us a call at 450-3136 to schedule one.  TB skins tests are administered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Cost is $6 and you must be able to return in 48 to 72 hours later to have the TB Reading. Payment is expected before the test is administered.

I’m trying to schedule an appointment online but it won’t let me?

If you don’t see a symptom that best describes your need for a visit, please call our office at (501) 450-3136 to schedule your appointment. Women’s Health issues, physicals, and allergy injections must be scheduled in person or by phone. Immunizations and TB Skin tests do NOT require an appointment, these can be done on a walk-in basis during our normal clinic hours.

Are these services confidential?

The Student Health Center will not disclose your medical information to anyone unless you give your written permission for us to do so. This means we will not tell your roommates, your friends, the faculty, staff, or even family members about any of your appointments, phone calls to our nurses, or visits with our providers and staff unless we have received a signed Permission for Release of Medical Information from you. For more information see our Confidentiality Policy.

I have a HOLD on my account and can not register, drop classes, or get my grades?

HOLD’s on your student account can be for many reasons – Need for Immunization records, Outstanding Balances, Equipment Loans, International Immunizations & TB Tests are a few reasons we would flag your account. If you find you have a HOLD, please call or come by so we may assist you in resolving the issue.

Where can I park at the Student Health Center?

There is “Student Health Center Visitor” parking on the west side of the clinic. These spaces are marked in purple and are reserved for PATIENTS ONLY. It is patrolled regularly by the UCA PD and citations will be issued if a current Parking Pass is not displayed on the dashboard inside your vehicle. The parking pass is only valid for the time you are inside the center being treated.