portrait of Dr. Odom

Dr. Brian Odom, Assistant Professor

Dr. Odom Publishes Book Chapter on Wound Care

Dr. Brian Odom, an Assistant Professor in the Physical Therapy Department, recently had a book chapter published in the Text and Atlas of WOUND DIAGNOSIS and TREATMENT, 3rd edition. His chapter was titled “Pediatric Wounds” and the chapter focused on pediatric skin development, common wound etiologies seen in children, and applying the elements of best wound management in the pediatric population.




student and professor at research poster

Ryan Ozanich and Dr. Melissa Allen

Presentations at APTA Combined Sections Meeting, Boston, February 17, 2024

Dr. Brian Odom, Dr. Leah Lowe, and Dr. Charlotte Yates provided an educational course at CSM entitled, “Moving Beyond the Wound Model to Patient Care” to a full audience.

Ryan Ozanich, DPT2024, and Dr. Melisa Allen presented “Engaging DPT Students in Dementia Care: A Pilot Model for Community-Based Interprofessional Engagement” at CSM in Boston, a project completed with coauthors Amanda Bennett, DPT2024, Dr. Jordan Kerry, Dr. Michael Gallagher, Dr. January Schultz and Richelle Weese.

Recent PhD program graduate and DPT alum Josh Landers‘ work was presented on February 17 in Boston at CSM “Deep Vein Thrombosis Responding to Blood Flow Restriction of the Uninvolved Extremities: A Case Report” with co-authors Melissa Allen, Mark Mennemeier, and Stacia Carroll (UCA DPT 2022).

Presentations at APTA Arkansas OPTimize Conference, October 6-8, 2023

Dr. Melissa Allen presented about the TAP program with DPT students Amanda Bennett and Ryan Ozanich.  Title: Engaging DPT Students in Dementia Care: A Pilot Model for Community-Based Interprofessional Engagement.  Authors: Melissa Allen PhD, DPT, PT; Amanda Bennett, SPT; Ryan Ozanich, SPT; Kerry Jordan PhD; Michael Gallagher PhD; January Schultz PhD; Richelle Weese SLP-CCC.

Dr. James Fletcher and Dr. Chris Driedric presented “Digital Inclinometry of Shoulder Extension Active Range of Motion and Biceps Brachii Muscle Length in Asymptomatic Adults: Intrarater Reliability and Differences in Magnitude.”  Title: Digital Inclinometry of Shoulder Extension Active Range of Motion and Biceps Brachii Muscle Length in Asymptomatic Adults: Intrarater Reliability and Differences in Magnitude.  Authors: James Fletcher PT, PhD and Chris Driedric PT, DPT, OCS

Dr. Lori Mize PT, DPT, WCS presented “A Pilot Study: Does Art Analysis Training Affect Student Tolerance to Ambiguity?”  Title: A Pilot Study: Does Art Analysis Training Affect Student Tolerance to Ambiguity?  Authors: Lora Mize PT, DPT, WCS, Haley Campbell SPT, Robert Robertson SPT, Abigail Authment SPT, Ashley Mahan SPT, Peyton Cope SPT.

Dr. Leah Lowe PT, DPT, PhD, PCS presented published work in the area of pediatric experiential learning.  Title: Current Evidence in Experiential Learning in Pediatric Physical Therapy Education.  Authors: Leah Lowe, PT, PhD, PCS, Emily Blanchard, SPT, Meredith Bowers, SPT, Lauren English, SPT, Sam Dugas, SPT, Braxton Funk, SPT, Meredith Flowers, DPT, PhD, PCS, and Charlotte Yates, PT, PhD, PCS.

Dr. Rachel Scott presented project on exercise completed with Drs. Taylor, Fletcher, Allen and McGee.  Title: Comparison of Two Different Methods for Measuring Chronotropic Response to Exercise in People with and without Classification Criteria for Obesity.  Authors: Rachel Scott, PT, DPT, CSCS, J. David Taylor, PhD, PT, James P. Fletcher, PhD, PT, Ruth Ann Mathis, PhD, PT, Melissa Allen, PT, PhD, DPT, NCS, Jacquie Rainey, DrPH, MCHES, Margaret McGee, PT, PhD, PCS.

Dr. Charlotte Yates PT, PhD, PCS presented research in experiential learning in wound management.  Title: An exploration of experiential learning in wound care.  Authors: Brian Odom, PT, PhD; Cayla Bass, SPT; Mallory Fortinberry, SPT; Anne Moellers, SPT; Kendra Pascoe, SPT; Taylor Phillips, SPT; Leah Lowe, DPT, PhD; Charlotte Yates, PT, PhD.

Dr. Lowe and team Publish Article in Journal of Clinical Sports Medicine

Drs. Lowe and Yates and PhD Candidate, Fernando Castillo (DPT2020)

Lowe L, Castillo F, Gokun J, Williams DK, Israel M, Yates C. Static and dynamic balance assessment in healthy and concussed athletes. Journal of Clinical Sports Medicine. 2021:00:1-6.

Drs. Taylor, Mathis, Fletcher, Walter, Meadors.  Paper accepted for publication. 

Taylor JD, Mathis RA, Fletcher JP, Walter CS, Meadors O. Non-exercise measurements as predictors of chronotropic response to exercise. Journal of Clinical Exercise Physiology. In press.

Dr. Taylor Publishes Article with Dr. Mathis

Dr. David Taylor, Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy and Dr. Ruth Ann Mathis, Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Education in Physical Therapy at Harding University and two time alumni of UCA where she received her PhD and MS degrees in Physical Therapy, recently published an article.

Taylor JD, Mathis RA. Discriminant analysis of the Patient-Specific Functional Scale in discerning between loss of physical function categories in community-dwelling older adults. Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation. 2020;36:44-49.

Dr. Tyler Floyd, et. al., Publishes Article 

Dr. Tyler Floyd, PT, DPT, PhD published an article in October 2020 titled “Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) Can Alter Cortical Excitability of the Lower Extremity in Healthy Participants: A Review and Methodological Study” is published in the journal Frontiers of Neurology and Neuroscience Research.

Dr. Floyd authored this work along with Dr. Chad Lairamore formerly of the University of Central Arkansas, who is now the Chair of the PT Education Department at Western University of Health Sciences in Oregon, and Dr. Garrison and Dr. Rainey of the University of Central, as well as Drs. Mennemeier, Kiser and Padala of UAMS and Dr. Woods of the University of Florida.

Dr. Floyd completed his PhD in Physical Therapy from the University of Central Arkansas in December 2017 as well as his DPT degree in 2014 and his BS degree in 2011 as a summa cum laude graduate and was in the UCA Honors College.  Currently in clinical practice in central Arkansas, Dr. Floyd has also been serving the Department as an adjunct lab instructor in the DPT program since 2015.

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Dr. Lowe and Dr. Yates Provide Commentary in Journal Article

Lowe L, Bass-Carrigan D, Yates C. Commentary on “Current Physical Therapy Practice for Children with Cerebral Palsy in Norway.” Pediatric Physical Therapy. 2021; 33(1):46.

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Dr. Meredith Flowers and Team Publish Article

Dr. Meredith Flowers published an article in the Journal of Allied Health along with Drs. Yates, Fletcher and Lowe.  Dr. Flowers is a 2019 graduate of the PhD in Physical Therapy Program at UCA as well as the UCA Pediatric Residency Program in 2015.  Dr. Flowers earned a bachelor’s degree in 2011 from the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Mississippi in Kinesiology and Exercise Science. She completed her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2014 from the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi. Dr. Flowers is a board certified clinical specialist in Pediatric Physical Therapy from the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties.

Flowers M, Yates C, Fletcher J, Lowe L. Does Dosing of Pediatric Experiential Learning Impact the Development of Clinical Reasoning, Self-efficacy, and Critical Thinking in DPT Students? J Allied Health. 2020;49(3):196.

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Drs. Fletcher and Taylor Publish in Journal of Sport Rehabilitation

Fletcher JP, Taylor JD, Carroll C, Richardson MB. Comparison of Two Handheld Digital Dual Inclinometry Techniques in the Measurement of Lumbar Flexion Active Range of Motion. J Sport Rehab. June 2020 (e-pub). DOI: 10.1123/jsr.2019-0368.

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Drs. Yates and Lowe Publish Article with Dr. Odom and Dr. VanHoose

Odom BH, VanHoose L, Lowe L, Yates C. Retrospective Cohort Study of Pediatric Tracheostomy Wound Healing. Advances in Skin & Wound Care. 2020. Jan;33(1):36-42. PMID: : 31663923

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Dr. Taylor Publishes Article on Neuroplasticity Exercise Program

Congratulations to Dr. David Taylor and his research team on a recent publication in the Journal of Gerontology & Geriatric Medicine.

Sipe CL, Mathis RA, Killins A, and Taylor JD. Physical and cognitive evaluation of a neuroplasticity exercise program: a pilot study. Journal of Gerontology & Geriatric Medicine. 2020;6:065.


Dr. Brian Odom Publishes Article 

Dr. Brian Odom, a PhD in Physical Therapy graduate of UCA,  recently published an article along with  Dr. Leah Lowe, Dr. Charlotte Yates both faculty members of the Department of Physical Therapy and Dr. Rainey, Associate Dean of the UCA College of Health and Behavioral Sciences and Dr. Lisa VanHoose, a UCA alumnus, former faculty member and current Associate Professor and Director of the DPT Program at University of Louisiana, Monroe.  Dr. Odom is also an alumnus of the UCA Physical Therapy program and is currently an Associate Professor in the Physical Therapy program at Harding University.   Their article is recently published in Advances in Skin & Wound Care.

Odom BH, Lowe L, VanHoose L, Rainey J, Yates C. Examining Factors That Contribute to Delayed Wound Healing in Children with Tracheostomy Wounds. Advances in Skin & Wound Care. 2020;33(3):1–4. doi: 10.1097/01.ASW.0000653156.13611.34.

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Dr. Lowe and Dr. Yates Publish Article

Dr. Leah Lowe and Dr. Charlotte Yates published an article in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy.

Lowe L, Williams DK, Gokun Y, Yates C. Spatiotemporal parameters of adolescent gait while performing a visuospatial memory task.  International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy. 2019. Sept; 14(5):753-760.  PMID: 31598413

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