“The world needs critical reasoners, and genuinely curious, informed and engaged citizens outside of the academy and the legal professions.” – Dr. Jacob Held

As a philosophy or religious studies student, this means you! Completing an internship while you’re still in the process of completing your undergraduate degree will give you a wealth of insight and experience that you can then apply to your career, your community, and the larger world.

Here’s what some former interns have had to say about their experiences:

The Philosophy Internship Program provided an insight that I had never personally experienced before. In the fall of 2010, I interned for the Arkansas Department of Corrections. Although the title of the internship may indicate it focused solely on prison or punishment, it involved much more than that. During my internship I spoke with judges, lawyers, probation officers, and even prisoners. The most educational and valuable aspect of the internship, however, involved interviewing parolees who were actively participating in post-release rehabilitation. My interest in the program stemmed from curiosity about recidivism in Arkansas, and what programs the State offered to recently released parolees. Additionally, I wanted to determine whether parolees who were imprisoned for drug-related crimes were involving themselves in positive programs, whether state-sponsored or personal, in an effort to stay clean and out of prison, or whether the parolees committed crime again after release—and why. The Philosophy Internship program gave me the opportunity to do that, as well as familiarize myself with the criminal justice system, which has paid off. I will graduate from the UALR Bowen School of Law in May of this year, and I have clerked for a criminal defense firm for most of the last year. The experiences gained from the Philosophy Internship gave me a head start for my legal career.

Drew Warren (2010 Graduate, Philosophy)

Completing an internship through the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies provided me with numerous learning opportunities and invaluable experiences. My time with the Humanities and World Cultures Institute gave me the chance to engage with and bring events to my community, create and cultivate lasting relationships, and equipped me with priceless knowledge and skills in my prospective career field.  I highly recommend being an intern for any student serious in their academic endeavors.

Lake Davidson (Graduate School, University of Northern Colorado)

The opportunity to intern at Conway Interfaith Clinic was an eye-opening step on my journey to becoming a physician. It not only prepared me to work with patients and other healthcare professionals, but also gave me unique insights into areas of healthcare I probably wouldn’t have came across during my medical school journey. Being able to delve more into the ethical aspects of healthcare in both theory and practice has given me insights and understanding that influences me daily in both the classroom and in the clinic.

Jonathan McDougal (currently studying at UAMS)

If you’re interested in pursuing this valuable opportunity (by now, you know that you are…), just CLICK HERE for more information or contact Mr. Phillip Spivey at or 501-450-3690.