Spring 2016

Armstrong, Steffan / PHIL BS (Walgreen’s Manager)
Bowman, Jonathan / RS BA
Dove, Keith / RS BA, summa cum laude (Duke University, M.Div)
Halsted, Decota M / PHIL BS magna cum laude (UAMS)
Harris, Billy Mac III / PHIL BA (Morph Management Group)
Havens, Timothy D / PHIL BA cum laude (Online ESL Instructor)
Lawrence, Matthew / PHIL BS cum laude (Bowen Law School)
Love, Joseph / RS BS (Brite Divinity School)
Mann, Shelli / PHIL BA (Pathway Counseling Services)
Melton, Rhett Wilson / BS (PHIL 2nd major)(Project Analyst at Windstream)
Morando, Tony J / RS BA (Deckhand, Mechanic, and Bartender for Fantasy Cruises: Island Spirit)
Peebles-Hartford, Payton Q / PHIL BA (Heifer Project International, Education Coordinator)
Riley, Tyler / PHIL BA cum laude
Shahan, Justin / RS BA, undergraduate scholar
Sharpe, Trevor / BS (PHIL 2nd major)
Spencer, Matthew Lee / RS BS
Stone, Simon Connor / RS BA
Wilson, Amy / PHIL BA cum laude (MBA Program, UCA)

Fall 2015

Adair, Jordan / PHIL BS
Avant, Jessica / PHIL BA

Spring 2015

Emery, Melanie / PHIL BA (Contemporary Business Manager at Dillard’s)
Reyes, Daisy / PHIL BA (Bowen School of Law)
Rchardson, Joseph Kirby / RS BS
Shaffer, Branson / RS BA (2nd major with History)
Thomas, Te’drek J / PHIL BA
Thompson, Carmen Simone / RS BA

Fall 2014

Foster, Kelsey / BA (Farmer at Tumbling Shoals Farm, North Carolina)

Summer 2014

McWilliams, Rashada / RS BA (works for Chi Alpha)
Mackey, Hunter / PHIL BS

Spring 2014

Davidson, Lake / PHIL BA, undergraduate scholar (MA in PHIL, CSU)
Moix, Savannah / RS Minor (works at The Washington Center)
Moore, Stephen / RS BA (working on another degree at UCA)
Witty, Keith / RS BA (English teacher at Guy-Perkins High School, UCA Education Program)

Fall 2013

LaFollette, Stuart / PHIL BA, RS Minor
Murphy, Michael / PHIL BA, undergraduate scholar
Orr, Taylor Paige/ BS M.Ed. (Professional Counseling, Henderson State)
Wertz, Justin / PHIL BS, cum laude (MA at University of Arkansas, PHIL)

Summer 2013

Swanson, Stanton / PHIL BS (MA Program, Physical Therapy, UCA)

Spring 2013

Dill, Matthew / RS BA
Fitzgerald, Zach S / PHIL BS
Lowe, Debra’l / RS BA
McDougal, Jonathan / summa cum laude / PHIL BS
Sutton, Charles Taylor / cum laude / PHIL BS (PhD Program in PHIL, Purdue)
Taylor, Hunter / PHIL BA / undergraduate scholar
Thames, Jessica / PHIL BA, RS Minor / undergraduate scholar
Thompson, Dakota (Bowen School of Law)

Fall 2012

Jetts, Kristin / PHIL Major (Administrative Specialist II at UCA)
Bly, Zachary / RS BA

Spring 2012

Bayles, Sarah / RS Major (Duke M.Div)(Pastor at UMC, Ft. Smith)
Danielson, Megan / PHIL Major (Bowen School of Law)
Edens, Justin / MA PHIL (Phil. Program, Univ. of Arkansas)
Ford, Malinda / RS BA
Hoelsher, Andrew / RS BA
Russell, Patrick / PHIL Major / MA in Environmental Studies, Univ. of Nevada, Reno)
Sketas, Gregory / PHIL & BIOL major (Medical School)

Fall 2011

Clark, Ashlea / PHIL Major
Roy, Nancy / RS Major
Steinsiek, Gregory / PHIL Major

Spring 2011

Anderson, Kale  / RS Major
Cantrell, Shannon / PHIL Minor (Academic Advisor at Pulaski Tech)
Davidson, Christen / PHIL
Eick, Tammy / PHIL 2nd Major
Ford, James / PHIL
Gambill / PHIL
Glover, Christopher Landon / RS Major
Hutcheson, Vanessa / PHIL 2nd Major
Jones, Isaac / PHIL (Editor at Crane Chronicle – Stone County Republican)
Jones, Zakary Allen / BS / PHIL, RS Minor
Lambert, Jeffrey / RS Major (PhD Program in PHIL, Dusquense University)
McDonald, Tony (TJ) / RS Major (UCA Bookstore Manager)
Paymaster, Taylor / PHIL
Self, Taylor / RS Major (Masters in Psychology at UCA)
Strigel, Will / PHIL (MA in Anchient PHIL, Oxford Univ. PhD Program in PHIL, Univ. of Oklahoma)

Winter 2010

Aindow (Onda), Amy / BA in Philosophy (Paralegal at Scott Rees)
Benson, Allan E. Jr. / BA in Philosophy (Arkansas Library System; Little Rock)
Brothers, Robert Mason / BA in Religious Studies
Brown, Catherine, E. / BA in Philosophy, summa cum laude (Northeastern Univ. Law School: Progressive Insurance Medical Rep)
Depper, James / BA in Religious Studies
Hutson, Jordyne / BA in Religious Studies
Russell, David D. / BA in Philosophy / undergraduate scholar
Warren, Drew / BA in Philosophy, summa cum laude
Wilson, Eric / BA in Philosophy (Paralegal Researcher)

Spring 2010

Atchley, Kortney D. L. / BA in Religious Studies (employed by the bank that has UCA’s credit union)
Bailey, Eli / Philosophy
Hartlerode, Wayne Robin / BS in Philosophy
McCollum, A. Star / BS in Philosophy
Payne, Brannen / BA in Philosophy (grad school in Philosophy at Duquesne University)
Schneider, Matthew / RS Minor (MA in History from UCA)
Shanottou, Daniel / Philosophy
Simmons, Joshua / Philosophy
Vela, Chelsea Victoria / BS in Philosophy
Allison, Douglas / BA in Spanish (Philosophy Second Major)
Gorman, Jay W. / BA in Philosophy
McAlister, Derek Layne / Ph.D., Philosophy (expected 2020), Baylor University: Waco, TX / M.A., Philosophy (2015), University of Arkansas: Fayetteville, AR / M.A., Philosophy of Religion and Ethics (2013), Biola University: La Mirada, CA
Prevost, Mallory / BA in Religious Studies
Peterson, Clinton T. / BA in Religious Studies
Stine, Zachary Kimo / BA in Religious Studies (employed in a non-profit with LR schools)

Fall 2009

Mackey, Charles W. / BS in Philosophy
Sowell, Danny / BS in Philosophy
Wood, Patrick A. / BA in Philosophy

Summer 2009

Bailey, John L. / BA in Philosophy
Mannon, Jeffrey / BA in Religious Studies
Morrison, Jonathan / BA in Religious Studies
Norris, Caleb J.  / BS in Philosophy (law school at UALR; practicing attorney)
Youmans, Aaron Anton  / BA in Philosophy

Spring 2009

Aylesworth, Nathan Andrew  / BS in Philosophy
Jones, Andrea / BA / Psychology (double major with Philosophy: MA in Nutritional Studies, UCA)
Lamaster, Jenna / RS Minor
Lovett, Marion Wesley / BS in Philosophy
McCune, Nathanial Ryan / BA in Philosophy
Myers, Abby / RS Minor
Pemberton, Britta / RS Minor
Ridings, Kent  / BA in Philosophy
Wenblad, Joel James  / BA in Philosophy

Fall 2008

Flesouras, Vincent N. / BA in Philosophy (IT Manager at Stanford Univ.)
Grimes, Ashley Marie/ BA in Philosophy
Turner, Allison Christine  / BS in Philosophy
Wolf, Timothy / BS in Philosophy

Summer 2008

Louden, Michael A. / BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies(MA in Religious Studies from Miami Univ.)

Spring 2008

Bailey, Matthew / RS Minor
Beasley, Ashley DeAnna  / BS in Philosophy
Devor, Christy / BA in Religious Studies
Fox-Eason, Kristen Dawn / BA / Political Science (double major with Philosophy)(law school / political science at University of Wisconsin)
Hall, John Daniel / BS in Philosophy
Huddleston, Phillip R. / BA in Philosophy (UCA English Department Master’s Program)
Morshedi-Lavvaf, Sara Katherine  / BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies
Patton, Brittany / BA in Religious Studies
Rea, Corey R / BA PHIL, RS Minor

Fall 2007

Cassady, Michael S./ BA in Religious Studies
Pangle, John / RS Minor

Summer 2007

Shahan, Justin / BA in Religious Studies

Spring 2007

Busby, Matthew / RS Minor
Gift, James M. / BA in Philosophy
Neel, Andrew / BA in Religious Studies (grad school in English at UCA)
Phipps, Jay / RS Minor
Smith, Mary C.  / BA in Philosophy (MA in Education at Christian Brothers University / Spanish teacher Memphis City Schools
Smith, Raven / RS Minor
Taylor, Joshua / BA in Religious Studies

Fall 2006

Barnard, Travers R.  / BS in Philosophy
Osburn, Clyde C. / BA in Philosophy

Summer 2006

Greer, Jasmine S. / BA in Religious Studies (officers training school for army chaplain – killed in Afghanistan)
Linck, Preston / RS Minor
Vernon, Kenneth B. / BA in Philosophy (PhD Candidate University of Utah in PHIL: MA in PHIL from Northern Illinois Univ.)

Spring 2006

Childs, Jonathan / RS Minor
Harvey, Sara A. / BA in Religious Studies (UCA grad school in history, completed MA in 2009)
Hendricks, Brad G.  / BA in Philosophy
Henley, Robert A.  / BS in Philosophy
Kendrick, Thomas E. / BA in Philosophy (University of Indiana law school)
Mitchell, Laine M. / BA in Philosophy (George Washington University law school)
Morphis, Paul D.  / BA in Philosophy
Pinkston, Todd / RS Minor
Pottle, Kristen / RS Minor
Shook, William B.  / BS in Philosophy
Simmons, Nicholas K. / BA in Philosophy (PhD in PHIL from Univ. of Kansas)
Stephens, Matthew B. / BA in Philosophy (MA Program in PHIL, Georgia State, Oklahoma State)

Fall 2005

Cook, Sarah E.  / BA in Philosophy
Robbins, Sarah D.  / BA in Philosophy

Summer 2005

Bowen, Carrie A. / BA in Religious Studies
Glenn, Keith / BA in Religious Studies
Grant, B.J. / RS Minor
Hobby, Jason / BA in Religious Studies
Jenkins, Jared J. / BS in Philosophy
Matthews, Ashley / RS Minor (MDiv Columbia Seminary Atlanta)
Stahle, Laura / BA in Religious Studies (graduate school in Religious Studies at Univ. of Southern CA)

Spring 2005

Edwards, Damon C.  / BS in Philosophy (plans to teach high school math)
Gnau, Brittany R./ BA in Philosophy (Brock University – working on MA in philosophy)
Jones, Jade / RS Minor
Mercuri, Mario / RS Minor
Thompson, Autumn / RS Minor (MA program in History, University of Kansas)

Fall 2004

Elwood, Catherin E.  / BA in Philosophy
Higgins, Ryan H.  / BA in Religious Studies
Hoeffken, Tiffany / RS Minor
Swab, Nicholas A. / BA in Philosophy {officer training school}

Summer 2004

Armour, Charles W.  / BS in Philosophy

Spring 2004

Creswell, Matthew / BA in Religious Studies (MA in Religious Studies from Univ. of Iowa)
Denio, Benjamin W.  / BA in Philosophy
Freeney, Kirk A. / BS in Philosophy (lawn care business)
Hobson, Clarence D. / BS in Philosophy (U of A, Fayetteville, philosophy)
McCullah, Samantha / RS Minor
Simpson, Emily S. / BS in Philosophy
Stanton, William C.  / BA in Religious Studies (UCA Advising)
Windsor, Matthew M. / BA in Philosophy (M.S., M.S.I.S., A.H.I.P., Associate Professor, Head of Collection Management, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences)

Spring 2003

Cantrell, Michael A. / BA in Philosophy (Baylor University – PhD in philosophy)
Clanton, Jeff E. / BA in Philosophy (restaurant cook)
Harvey, Jacob / RS Minor
Pennington, David / RS Minor

Fall 2002

Eades, Daniel L. / BA in Philosophy (Walmart employee)
Hayes, Jamison L.  / BA in Philosophy (restaurant cook)
Johnson, Daniel R. / BS in Philosophy (Budget Manager, Zaza Pizza)

Spring 2002

Gilkey, Charles M. / BA in Philosophy (Univ. of Nebraska in philosophy, officer training school)
Harman, Cythia / RS Minor
Hill, Kasi R. / BS in Philosophy (Univ. of North Texas)
Lindley, Brandon / RS Minor
Mackintosh, Ben K. / BA in Religious Studies
Martin, Rhett P. / BS in Philosophy (Oxford University, PhD equivalent in 2004, Harvard Law School)
Pearson, Lisa C. / BA in Religious Studies
Reese, Joshua Y. / BA in Philosophy (UALR law school, maybe)
Vaupel,  (Pangle) Bethany B.  / BA in Religious Studies
Walsh, Robbin / BA in Religious Studies

Fall 2001

Allen, Blythe / BS in Philosophy
<h6Summer 2001

Parker, Elizabeth L.  / BA in Philosophy (bookstore management in Little Rock)

Spring 2001

Morton, Sarah E. / BA in Philosophy
Parrish, Lindsey A. / BS in Philosophy (Univ. of Memphis)

Fall 2000

Mitchell, Christy L. / BS in Philosophy
Moore, Christopher W.  / BS in Philosophy (seminary)
Wilson, Leslie Tera / BA in Religious Studies

Spring 2000

Johnson, April D.  / BS in Philosophy (US Military)
Lillary, Justin M / RS Minor
Morris, Richard V.  / BA in Philosophy (George Washington Univ, UALR law school: script writer for various films and television shows)
Gordy, Graham / BA in Philosophy (and in English), MFA in dramatic writing from NYU

Summer 1999

Frase, John A.  / BS in Philosophy
Littlepage, Elizabeth  / BS in Philosophy (SUNY, Binghampton; Master’s degree in anthropology)

Spring 1999

Dority, Debra L. / BA in Philosophy (Univ. of Ohio)
Lucas, Alicia / Bas in Philosophy & Psychology (Administrator, AR Dept of Disability Services)
Rutter, John M. / BA in Philosophy
Toland, Ronald W. / BA in Philosophy


John A. Frase
Ginger Lee (Marquette Univeristy; Ph.D. 2006)
Elizabeth Littlepage (SUNY, Binghamton; Master’s Degree in Anthropology)
James O’Connell (Local Business)
Elizabeth Parker (Bookstore Management, Little Rock)
John M. Rutter


Kenneth Kirkwood
Randal Ball
Geoffrey Burks
Joanna Black
Billy Meyers (Univ of Texas, Austin)
Russell Gardner
Edward Tanguay
Satoru Otani
Mike Blakenbeckler
Glen Thurman (Univ. of Kansas)
Walter Brown
Ross Hanna
David C. Hawkey
John D. Higgens
David Byers
William Elster
Gerald D. Foster
Brian Tipit
Nolen Yarborough
Alton McMillan
Douglas Melkovitz
Christy L. Mitchell
Bethany B. Pangle
Jay Barnett (Memphis State University)
Keith Burney (Univ. of Northern Illinois)
Jonathan Kennedy (SUNY, Stony Brook)
Larry Lachowsky
Mike Roberts
Carolyn L. Robinson
Jay P. Sorrows
Michael Stacks
Ronald Toland
Barry Ward