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Congratulations to all our 2016 Spring Graduates, and especially to the following students regarding their various destinations:
Keith Dove, Duke Divinity School
Cody Halstead, UAMS
Payton Hartford: Heifer International Education Programming
Matthew Lawrence: Bowen Law School
Joe Love: Brite Divinity School
Amy Wilson: UCA MBA Program
Eric Wilson (Alum 2010): Bowen Law School
Click here for our upper-division philosophy and religious studies course offerings for Fall 2016!
Check out our Dr. Nick Brasovan and his Karate Club on YouTube! Click here for the video!
Dr. Crockett has a new article  published in The Montreal Review. Click here to check it out!


In September [2013] I was offered the position of Sr. Drupal Developer at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. My work will involve converting, managing and maintaining the various websites housing scientific knowledge and information about the programs at SLAC. My role is both service and administrative in that I will work with research scientists and administrators to organise the material and create the structure of the websites. In terms of administrative duties I will assist the current developers in transition and knowledge sharing of Drupal best practices and technical methods.


I think, my time in the Philosophy and Religion department gave me an incalculable advantage in regards to problem solving and working with others. The professors there pushed me to go beyond merely satisfactory results. They drew me out and guided me to look at the texts and problems closely. The critique and guidance when completing papers and assignments served to strengthen both my analytical skills and writing.


I am often asked why I chose Philosophy as my main degree when I work in a technical field. To me, the methodologies and skill sets are highly compatible. Abstract thought, critical thinking and thorough analysis are integral in being successful at both philosophy and computer science. The training I received in terms of close reading is incredibly helpful when I analyze a new specifications document.  I do not think I would have gotten as far as I have without the UCA Philosophy and Religion professors desire that I do well.  They truly invest themselves in your success!

Vincent Flesouras

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