The Major and Minor in Religious Studies

The Religious Studies program at UCA is an interdisciplinary program where students take courses in a variety of departments that are relevant to the study of religion, including the Departments of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Art, English, History, and Sociology. The major requires a total of 33 hours, including 18 hours of core requirements and 15 hours of elective courses. The minor requires 18 hours of core requirements.

Religious Studies Checksheet (NEW, for students entering the program after Fall 2022)

Religious Studies Checksheet (For students who entered the program prior to Fall 2022)


Course Schedule

An official list of all courses offered can be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin, Religion Courses and in the Undergraduate Bulletin, Philosophy Courses. In addition to these courses, and in response to faculty and student requests, we offer various special “Topics” and “Readings” courses, Honors Tutorials, and Internships.

The schedule of classes is available from the Registrar under “Schedule of Classes.” If you have questions about a class or would like to talk to a faculty member about your schedule, please contact us!