The Major and Minor in Philosophy

Philosophy is a flexible degree that easily pairs with other programs (double majors, interdisciplinary minors, honors program, etc.). We offer a B.S. degree in philosophy, with pathways that prepare students for degrees in law, non-profit work, graduate school, and more.

The philosophy major requires 33 degree hours in philosophy, in addition to standard lower division and upper division UCA Core requirements. The philosophy minor requires 18 hours. The structure of the program includes many electives, which allows students to tailor their education to their own interests and career goals.





Philosophy Majors Checksheet (NEW, for students entering the program after Fall 2022)

Philosophy Majors Checksheet, Pre-Fall 2022 (For students who entered the program prior to Fall 2022)

Philosophy Minors Checksheet

Course Schedule

An official list of all courses offered can be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin, Philosophy Courses and in the Undergraduate Bulletin, Religious Studies Courses. In addition to these courses, and in response to faculty and student requests, we offer various special “Topics” and “Readings” courses, Honors Tutorials, and Internships.

The schedule of classes is available from the Registrar under “Schedule of Classes.” If you have questions about a class or would like to talk to a faculty member about your schedule, please contact us!