Ethics Bowl

The UCA Ethics Bowl Team engages students in careful, in-depth analysis of contemporary ethical questions and problems. The team meets in fall and spring semesters to prepare for competition at the Central States Regional Ethics Bowl (Marian, IN) and nationals (if applicable). The team has competed at nationals twice since its formation in 2017 (Chicago, 2018; Baltimore, 2019).

2019-2020 Ethics Bowl Team, Regionals

Annual competitions focus on current ethical cases developed by faculty, researchers, and professionals covering a wide range of disciplines, including  business, engineering, journalism, law, medicine, and social work. In the competitions, students demonstrate their ability to (1) understand the facts of the case, (2) articulate the ethical principles involved in the case, (3) present an effective argument on how the case should be resolved, and (4) respond effectively to challenges put forth by the opposing team as well as the panel of expert judges.


2018-2019 Ethics Bowl Team, Nationals

Ethics Bowl is a national intercollegiate organization sponsored by the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics (APPE), and provides excellent preparation for careers in law, political science, business, medical ethics, and more!

2019-2020 Ethics Bowl Team, Regionals



Dr. Benjamin Rider, Faculty Coach

Dr. James Deitrick, Faculty Coach