The campus network, and the infrastructure by which it is interconnected and accessed, exists to support the educational and administrative needs of the University of Central Arkansas (UCA). The network and associated facilities constitute a critical resource. These policies, standards and procedures exist to help ensure that this resource provides the best possible service for the entire campus.

Establishing standards regarding IST services promotes the continued efficient operation of the network, and provides guidance to departments in purchasing compliant devices. The lack of standards ensures that the performance of the network will degrade and the quality of service provided to the campus community will be unsatisfactory.

Computer Use Outside the United States

Policy for Computer Use Outside the United States

Mobile Device Security

Mobile Device Security Policy

Establishing and Safeguarding Passwords

UCA Password Policy (defunct June 30, 2016)
UCA Password Policy (effective July 1, 2016)
Safeguarding System Passwords

Standards – Other University Established Policies

UCA Board of Trustees Website Usage
UCA Board of Trustees Computer Use
Resources Provided by IST

Additional Information

Data Fiber Infrastructure
Device Restrictions
Minimum Specifications for Office Workstations
Technology Equipment Standards
Supported Computer Models