Virtual 5K

There may be many things canceled but not walking or running, So why not a challenge to help you stay active?  Choose between two different walk/run plans, both leading up to a virtual 5k the week of the 15th-21st of June!


  1. Walk to Run Training Plan –
  2. Intermediate Training Plan –

  1. Join the Challenge using the entry form below! 
  2. Choose your training calendar.
  3. Start training!
  4. Run or walk your 5k – the week 15th-21st of June
  5. Share your proof of completion (picture of your distance from a smart watch, treadmill or phone app (like Nike Run or Strava) on our social media platforms.  List of apps:
  6. Share your photos along the way during your training on your favorite courses after you’ve completed your 5k during race week. 
  7. All participants will be sent a virtual certificate for completion and participation. 

Virtual 5K Entry