Arian Story

Assistant Director - Fitness Center/Personal Trainers

HPER 127

(501) 852-2575

Arian, a native of Fort Worth, Texas, has since found herself in Conway, Arkansas as a graduate of Hendrix College with a major in Kinesiology. After twenty years of competitive soccer, Arian wrapped up her soccer career in 2005 after 4-years as a starter on her highly competitive high school soccer team, and 4-years as a starter on both her college teams. She continues her involvement with the game through private lessons with youth of all ages, as well as training sessions with recreational teams in the Conway/Little Rock area, and Olympic Development teams. Arian has been working as a personal trainer for ten years now, after being certified through The Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas and more recently American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM-CPT). She continues to expand on her knowledge in the field through her education and experience. Recognizing that no person is the same, she enjoys the challenge that each new client brings, with their individual goals and personalities. Though she enjoys working with her clients, her ultimate goal is to instill in them and her future clients the tools, knowledge, and self-motivation needed to continue healthy lifestyles, even when her time with them is complete.  Arian, oversees the recruitment and training of the fitness assessment and personal training staff, as well as many other programs run throughout the year at the HPER Fitness Center.