Taylor Ingram

Admission Specialist


Torreyson West 328

(501) 852-2580 | Phone Hours: 9:00 -10:30 AM & 1:30-3:00 PM

Program Assignments
Advanced Studies in Teacher Leadership (MSE)
Athletic Training (MS)
Computer Science (MS)
Digital Age Teaching and Learning (EDS)
District-Level Administration (PMC)
Educational Leadership (EDS)
Exercise Science (MS)
Gifted and Talented Education ( GC)
Graduate Non Degree Seeking (GND)
Instructional Technology (MS)
Leadership for Equity and Inclusion (PhD)
Library Media & Information Technologies (MS)
Mental Health Counseling (MS)
Multimedia Design and Development (GC)
Online Teaching and Learning (GC)
Physical Therapy (DPT)
Physical Therapy (PhD)
Psychology (PhD)
School Counseling (MS)
School Leadership, Mgmt, & Admin (MS)
School Psychology (EDS)
School-Based Leadership Building Administration (PMC)
School-Based Leadership Curriculum Administration (PMC)
School-Based Leadership Gifted and Talented Program Administration (PMC)
School-Based Leadership Special Education Program Administration (PMC)
Sport Management (MA)
Teaching (MAT)
Undergraduate Concurrent and Dual Enrollment Program