Assistantships and Other Aid

Graduate Assistant Application form    Submit original to the Graduate School.  One copy will be forwarded by our office to your program's department.
Important: Students are responsible for obtaining their own assistantships.
Be proactive and contact departments in which you wish to be considered. The Graduate School does not place students; each department or hiring unit makes their own selection of graduate assistants.  Applications received from students who have not been fully admitted to a program will NOT be processed.
Applications are kept on file for one semester from the date received. Students should complete and submit a new application form each term.

Click here for a current listing of available Graduate Assistantships.

Graduate Assistantship Policies and Procedures Manual
Important: Only full-time GAs (students working 20 hours per week) are eligible for a non-resident (out-of-state) fee waiver.

Form for Faculty/Staff (Not Students) The hiring unit must complete one the following forms and submit it to the Graduate School.  A separate form must be completed for EACH SOURCE OF FUNDING (institutional or grant).

McLauchlin Scholarship

Financial Aid

Emergency Student Loans