Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing

Blackboard Collaborate is an online collaboration platform that can be used as a virtual classroom, or office meeting space.  It can be used within Blackboard or outside of Blackboard.  Blackboard Collaborate is a replacement for Saba Centra on the UCA campus.

For 24 hr Technical Support via phone, chat or email click, visit:
For user self help:
Tips on Participating in Session: Participant Quick Reference Guide

We recommend using Firefox or Chrome when connecting to Collaborate.  We also recommend that you have the most up to date Java version.

If you are unable to connect to Blackboard Collaborate and you keep getting a proxy error message, Please try the following:

Since Blackboard Collaborate uses dynamic server assignment, it is not possible to state in advance precisely which server will host a session. This means the IP address is known only when the session actually starts. Therefore, you must ensure firewalls (and proxy systems) allow access to the entire set of Blackboard Collaborate servers using the following domain and IP address range.Blackboard Collaborate points services to the following IP range:
    • with netmask (in CIDR notation:
Please ensure that the address block listed above is whitelisted. It is important to allow access to the complete block, as this may help to reduce the impact of any configuration changes that Blackboard Collaborate makes in the future.