Assistantships and Other Aid

Graduate Assistantship ApplicationSubmit original to the Graduate School.
Students are responsible for obtaining their own assistantships. Be proactive and contact departments in which you wish to be considered. Applications received from students who have not been fully admitted to a program will NOT be processed.
Applications are kept on file for one calendar year from the date received. Students should complete and submit a new application form each year.

Click here for a current listing of available Graduate Assistantships.

Graduate Assistantship Policies and Procedures Manual
Important: Only full-time GAs (students working 20 hours per week) are eligible for a non-resident (out-of-state) fee waiver.

Form for Faculty/Staff (Not Students) The hiring unit must complete one the following forms and submit it to the Graduate School.  A separate form must be completed for EACH SOURCE OF FUNDING (institutional or grant).

McLauchlin Scholarship

Financial Aid

Emergency Student Loans

ROTC - This program provides a chance to compete for a 2-year scholarship for pursuit of a graduate degree. This program is limited to 20 months of benefits (based on 4 semesters, start in August, not including June and July, and graduate in May).  Applicants requiring more than two complete academic years for completion of a graduate degree are not eligible.  Students who can complete the remainder of their graduate program in the next two years ARE eligible.