Study Abroad


The Office of Education Abroad and Faculty Advisors in the Department of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures, and Cultures help our language students work together to help you find the best study abroad program for your needs and interests.

Where can I study abroad for a semester?

Students pay UCA tuition and can use UCA financial aid plus get competitive scholarships to study in:

Spanish-focused programs

Spain, Departmental Contact: Dr. John Parrack
Ecuador, Departmental Contact: Dr. Alana Reid
Mexico, Departmental Contact: Dr. Alejandro González

French-focused programs


Chinese-focused programs

China–Xi’an International University

German-focused programs


Japanese-focused programs

Japan–Meiji Gakuin
Japan–Nanzan University

What scholarships can I apply for?

Check out the Office of Education Abroad’s current, comprehensive list of scholarships. Our students studying abroad for a semester can often receive several thousand dollars toward an immersive study abroad program!

What are my summer study abroad options?

Students may earn up to 6 hours credit in any program approved by the department, including language immersion programs in:

Our amazing faculty also hand craft unique educational summer experiences for our students that can include up to 6 hours of language credit. Check out this summer’s programs in: