Latin American and Latino Studies

Latin American and Latino Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide students with an understanding of the diverse cultures and regions of Latin America and the impact of Latinos in the United States. The program offers a range of courses allowing students to study broad aspects of Latin America and more targeted classes that focus on specific histories, geographies, politics, economies, cultures, and physical environments of countries comprising the Americas. Students can also gain a better understanding of the multicultural character of U.S. society through classes that examine race, ethnicity, gender, and other aspects of diversity, and focus on the contributions and impacts of Latinos in U.S. society. Regardless of one’s major, a minor in Latin American and Latino Studies will allow the student to better understand and work within a global context and appreciate the diversity found within the hemisphere.

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Program Director and Contact

Dr. Alana Reid, Associate Professor, Spanish
Director of Latin American and Latino Studies
Irby 207 D