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Why Study Japanese?

  • Are you  a fan of manga and anime, or a Japanese film buff?  Learn Japanese so you can participate in the language!
  • Join the JET Program (Japan Exchange and Teaching Program), which has sent more than 35,000 Americans to work in schools and government agencies, including  a dozen UCA faculty and students.
  • As the third largest economy, Japan offers opportunities for Japanese speakers in business, finance, trade, and  tourism.

2019 Linguistics graduates Xander Fuller and Adrianna Chandler began the JET Programme (Japanese Exchange and Teacher Programme) in August in Japan. Pictured with two former JETs, Japanese Instructor David House and Linguistics Professor, Dr. Ramon Escamilla.

What Japanese Courses do You Offer?

We offer four Japanese courses: Elementary I (JAPN 1310), Elementary II (JAPN 1320), Intermediate I (JAPN 2310), and Intermediate II (JAPN 2320). The first three courses are typically offered every semester, while Intermediate II is typically offered during spring semesters.

Minor in Asian Studies

Not yet an Asian Studies major or minor, but want to declare one? Email Mrs. Deanne Murphey. (dmurphey@uca.edu) She will help ensure the major or minor gets added and help you get connected to the right academic advisor to ensure you make degree progress!

Learn Japanese Abroad!

The Office of Education Abroad and Faculty Advisors in the School of Language and Literature help our language students work together to help you find the best study abroad program for your needs and interests. At UCA, you don’t need to have any language proficiency to study abroad for a summer or full semester, but studying in a place whose language you’re learning helps you gain proficiency faster and explore the culture more deeply.

You can study abroad for a summer for an intensive language-immersion program or for a semester.

Our Outstanding Japanese Alums

Japanese at UCA FAQ

Email dmurphey@uca.edu to get coordinate Japanese placement with a qualified faculty member.
Nope! You can take courses just because you’re interested!
Not at all! We do encourage our students to study abroad because it’s a good way to develop advanced proficiency and to connect with other cultures. But you’re not required to do so!
Learning a language involves practicing in real time with others. So, we typically don’t offer our Elementary and Intermediate courses online.
We typically don’t offer our Elementary and Intermediate courses in the evenings or online. You might benefit from checking out our Community Language School course offerings, which often include online or evening language courses.