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What is an Internship in the School of Language and Literature?

Internships give you valuable work experience that you can put on your resume and talk about in job interviews and gives you projects you can showcase to future employers. You get to use the language, culture, and linguistic skills you’re practicing in the classroom in real-life contexts to help real people. Still have a hard time answering “what can I do with my major?” An internship shows you exactly how employers value your degree.

You get to:

  • Integrate classroom principles and workplace practice.
  • Use skills and interests related to the English, Spanish, French, Chinese, or Linguistics major in a real world context.
  • Gain valuable experience in a structured and supervised work environment.
  • Try out different career paths and discover your professional strengths and passions.
  • Make you a more attractive candidate for graduate school.
  • Help you begin to build a professional network outside of UCA one that might help you in your career in the future.

But don’t take it from us…

A stepping stone toward life post-graduation & Real-world application of skills

I would consider the internship to be a stepping stone towards life post-graduation. Before working at CAPCA, I didn’t have any experience working in an office setting. I admit it felt daunting at first, but I’m glad I did it. It built my confidence especially since I worked with people outside of my age group. In school and UCA I have always been around peers close to my age. Working with older, more experienced folks definitely made me nervous, but with time I was able to adjust. I learned that despite being younger and less experienced, I still had valuable input and ideas to bring to the table.

Regarding the Spanish component of the program, I was able to utilize my Spanish skills to translate a major grant application. It was a bit challenging as I wasn’t too accustomed to technical formal Spanish writing. This real-world application also gave me insight into the logistics behind HeadStart. I had no idea what HeadStart was before joining CAPCA. Although I didn’t spend much time interacting with the children, it was nice to see how my work contributed to the program.

I recommend other students give an internship a try. Not only will you gain real-life experience, but also build your confidence in applying your Spanish skills. Spanish provides countless options in various work fields. I specifically chose CAPCA to gain insight into non-profit organizations. Completing an internship allows you to explore potential areas you would want to work in while also receiving credit towards your degree. -Nemi Shah, UCA alum and former Spanish intern

My English internship, in which I worked in the Torreyson Library Archives, was perhaps the best opportunity I have experienced in my college career… If you are pursuing or want to pursue completing a thesis, an internship is a great way to kickstart that process or add to an ongoing project. -Kristina Coggin, UCA undergraduate student

Overall, I would certainly recommend students earn credit by completing an internship. There is no better way to truly see just how many different ways your skills as an English major can be applied. It’s really almost limitless. What is more, internships also provide a wonderful and genuine means of making connections and of opening doors to new paths and opportunities you perhaps never imagined existed. -Alexis Smith, UCA graduate student

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What are the requirements for an Internship in the School of Language and Literature?

An internship means that you undergo a community partner’s hiring process (including a job interview), become an employee with that organization, and work 100-120 hours for them in exchange for one 3-hour upper-division elective in your major.

To be eligible for an internship, you need to be a major or minor in one of our areas (English, Linguistics, French, Spanish, Chinese, German, TESOL or LALS), and usually be in your third or fourth year.

You will be assigned a direct supervisor with the organization, and work in this professional setting, and need to satisfy additional specific requirements with the internship coordinator. The two internship coordinators will be able to tell you more about specific requirements for your area of specialization (English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Linguistics, etc.). Some internships are paid, but most are not.

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Ready to learn more?

If you’re interested in learning more about internship possibilities for your skills and interests, enter your information below and we’ll personally advise you about opportunities that best fit your skills and interests, and answer all of your internship questions.

For Spanish Majors and Minors:

Conway Brain Injury Community (Advanced Spanish)

Location: Conway, on campus, in person
Possible duties:

  • Students with Advanced oral proficiency in Spanish will provide direct interpretation for Occupational Therapy and Health Coaching sessions for patients recovering from brain injuries.
  • Additional responsibilities might include translation of documents, such as assessments and learning activities.

Inter-professional Teaching Center (Intermediate Spanish)

Location: Conway, on campus, in person
Possible duties:

  • Students with Intermediate language skills will perform a variety of duties at the Inter-professional Teaching Center and associated clinics (Speech Language Hearing Clinic or the ITC Health and Wellness Clinic.)
  • Duties might include translating documents such as intake forms, developing (written) bilingual assessment tools, communicating in Spanish with clients prior to language assessments, providing basic instruction in Spanish during clinical assessments (such as speech or hearing assessments), developing promotional materials, and performing outreach to the Latinx community to let them know about available services.

Faulkner County Juvenile Court (Intermediate Spanish)

Announcing a new LLLC internship opportunity with the Faulkner County Juvenile Court! Departmental majors and minors (Spanish, LALS, TESOL) with intermediate to strong Spanish oral communication skills are encouraged to apply to this for credit internship. Receive three credit hours toward your major/minor and possible monetary compensation depending on skills and experience. Interns will assist with day to day communication with Hispanic youth and families outside the courtroom. The internship will include onsite training and supervision.

Location: Conway, Arkansas
Possible duties:

  •  Interns will assist with day to day communication with Hispanic youth and families outside the courtroom.
  • Receive training and supervision on site.

To apply, contact Dr. Alana Reid at; 501-450-5096; Irby 207D. Once Dr. Reid gives the green light, you will also need to fill out the attached application (physical signature required) and return to: Leeanna Brown, Chief of Staff, 20th Judicial District-2nd Division Circuit/Juvenile, 801 Locust Street (Mailing Address), 510 S. German Lane (Physical Address), Conway, AR 72034. (501)328-5922 (Office), (501)450-4957 (FAX), (501)499-1487 (Cell).

UAMS 12th Street Health & Wellness Center (Intermediate Spanish)

Location: Little Rock (In person, evenings)
Clinic hours: FALL, SPRING: M,W,Th 4-8:30; occasional Tuesdays.  SUMMER: M, Th 4-8:30
Possible Duties: Perform the following duties in Spanish and English:

  • answer phones
  • patient check-ins
  • patient education
  • appointment scheduling
  • food pantry
  • information on additional services
  • document translation

For French Majors and Minors:

Chiloumaz (French)

Location: Niamey, Niger (remote)
Possible duties:

  • Help the organization draft materials for its website, including translating materials from French to English
  • Research grants for which the organization is eligible and prepare reports (in French)
  • Support the organization in preparing health-related materials for the populations it serves

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Other SLL Internship Opportunities

Internships will be tailored to the unique needs of the employer and the specific skills of the student.  Internships in English can span a wide array of fields, including: journalism, technical writing, editing, education, law, dramaturgy, business communication/PR/marketing, and administration. English majors have completed internships with:

For English Majors and Minors:


Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre (Conway)




Arkansas PBS (Conway)




Oxford American Magazine (Conway)




Pine Street CommUnity Museum (Conway)




Want to know about other possible internship opportunities (including those not listed here)? Email Dr. Paige Reynolds.

For Spanish Majors and Minors:

  • Faulkner County Courthouse in Conway, AR: Assist with domestic violence prevention and advocacy.
  • CAPCA in Conway, AR: Translate documents, assist with community programs, conduct clerical and HR related work.
  • Arkansas United in Little Rock, AR: Assist with community development (interview community members, lead focus groups with parents and teachers about how to meet educational needs of Spanish-speaking families) and non-profit administration.
  • El Zocalo in Little Rock, AR: Possible responsibilities include helping clients register, serving as a case worker to connect community members with health and social services, assist with the financial empowerment program, and/or support the organization with social media and client communications.

Want to know about other possible internship opportunities with Spanish or other foreign languages? Email Dr. Alana Reid.

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How Do I Host an Intern?

Know of an organization that’s not listed here that you’d like to intern for? No problem! If you’re interested in hosting an intern with particular foreign language skills, email our world languages internship coordinator, Dr. Alana Reid. Interested in hosting an intern with no foreign language skills needed, or that you’d like to advertise to English majors, specifically? Email Dr. Paige Reynolds, and we’ll see whether that organization could be a good fit!


English Internship Testimonials

I am so grateful for my Oxford American internship experience! This opportunity completely opened
up the world of magazine and digital media publishing and allowed me to learn about the daily
rhythm and expectations that come with working in a fast-paced magazine environment. Before
interning at the OA, I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my English degree, but during my
time at the magazine, I learned so much about the multitude of job opportunities available to arts
and humanities graduates, which helped me realize my own career aspirations. In addition, I was able
to put many of the skills I learned in my English classes—from research and editing to close reading
and critical thinking—into practice in a professional work environment. After completing the
internship, I felt much more excited and confident about entering the workforce.
One of the best parts about interning at Oxford American was the opportunity to work with an
incredible staff of experienced writers and editors. Everyone I worked with was so encouraging and
more than willing to answer any questions, provide assistance with difficult tasks, and offer career
guidance. It was amazing to apprentice under editors who have led inspiring careers in publishing
and writing, and also to work with other interns who have similar interests and professional goals.
I would wholeheartedly recommend that any UCA student interested in writing, art, editing, or
journalism apply for an internship at Oxford American. This opportunity allowed me to communicate
with amazing authors, refine my abilities as a writer and researcher, and also develop skills that are
applicable across fields—including writing social media captions, interviewing sources, and
uploading online content. If you intern at the OA, not only will you gain experiences and
opportunities that will help you advance your career, but you will also be able to treasure the issues
and articles that you worked on for the rest of your life! -Mary Evans, UCA alum and English intern 2023

As a prelaw student majoring in English, most of my classes have more to do with literature than
law. Although these classes have exposed me to wonderful content and allowed me to hone my
reading and writing abilities, the internship gave me a peek into the legal field in a way a college
campus simply cannot.
Through this program I was given the opportunity to work on pending trials for the Maumelle City
Attorney. This was a thrilling experience because I got to see the countless moving parts that go into
prosecution, and I got to see real scenarios as they unfolded. This was also my first office job, so I
was able to navigate working with others who were far more experienced in their fields than I. As a
result, I learned every day from my coworkers; life advice and practical tips.
I recommend other students try out the internship whether they are sure of their next step post-grad
or not. The internship affirmed my desire to go to law school and helped me discover new interests
by giving me experiences I would otherwise be lacking. I ended the internship with a newfound
interest in public defense, which was never on my radar beforehand. You may embark on your

internship journey and get college credit for the thing you know you love to do. You may, however,
start your internship and discover a passion you didn’t know you had. Either way, it is a worthwhile
experience. -Molly Harrell, UCA undergraduate and English intern 2022

My English internship, in which I worked in the Torreyson Library Archives, was perhaps the best
opportunity I have experienced in my college career. In the archives, I was able to work in a library
setting and learn more about the logistical and organizational aspects of library work. I also took up
the opportunity to digitize, proofread, edit, and prepare an archived manuscript for publication. This
exposed me to the ins and outs of editing and publishing. I intend to go into the publishing field
when I graduate, and my work with the manuscript gave me significant experience and
preparation as I move forward with my career. Without the English internship, I would not have had
access to this kind of opportunity as a student. I was also able to turn my work on the manuscript
into my English thesis. If you are pursuing or want to pursue completing a thesis, an internship is a
great way to kickstart that process or add to an ongoing project.
I highly recommend doing an SSL internship. I learned how to work in a professional setting. My
professors and advisors gave me important knowledge and advice about the field I intend to pursue.
I became more confident about my own work and learned to seek guidance and help when I need it.
I made connections and began developing myself as a professional, which will undoubtedly aid me
in post-graduate life. All of these things can be difficult to find in a classroom, so doing an
internship with your department may be the best way to get the experience you’re looking for! -Kristina Coggin, UCA undergraduate student and English intern 2022

As a student earning my Master’s degree in English, I didn’t truly understand the infinite ways
my degree could be applied until my internship with the Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre. Even
though I had no prior experience working in theater, I found my role as a dramaturg to be
deeply rewarding as I was able to utilize my skills in order to conduct research and to provide
historical and linguistic information on the text which, in turn, informed the director, actors, and
crew members’ portrayal of it.
Furthermore, I felt as if my internship experience enabled me both to grow and to uncover new
strengths within myself, such as my ability to work well under short deadlines and my being able
to adapt to a new environment and work culture. While it did at times prove challenging, I never
felt overwhelmed because of the amazing and supportive team I worked with. Together, we were
able to create not only materials for a beautiful lobby display, but educational materials for
audience members that I am proud of.
Overall, I would certainly recommend students earn credit by completing an internship. There is
no better way to truly see just how many different ways your skills as an English major can be
applied. It’s really almost limitless. What is more, internships also provide a wonderful and
genuine means of making connections and of opening doors to new paths and opportunities you
perhaps never imagined existed. -Alexis Smith, UCA graduate student and English intern 2023