What do SLL students go on to do?

Anything and everything!

Among our alums, you’ll find teachers of all kinds–from college professors to teachers who inspire underprivileged youth in the US; those who stay in Arkansas and those who teach French in France and the Dominican Republic or English in Japan. You’ll find adventurers and those who make adventures possible for others by directing UCA’s Education Abroad program.

You’ll find writers, philosophersentrepreneurs, business ownersdiplomatspsychologistsaudiologists, NGO founders; those who go on to found coffee shops and those who go on to get a PhD.

Applicable Skills for Every Passion

Put simply, English, linguistics, and languages degrees lead to any and every career you can think of because they equip you with critical skills in every job:

  • identify relevant (re)sources and ideas
  • notice patterns and infer meaning
  • navigate ambiguity
  • distill complex information
  • propose persuasive ideas

Hear Individual Alum Stories

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Standout English Alums

Christopher Fettes

Michelle Stoll

Macy Geddes

Rachel Keller

Michelle Smith-Richardson

Abigail Speights-Hass

Tyler Graham

Katelyn Hopkins-Davis

Graham Gordy

Darby Tanner

Mikaya Harper

Courtney Littell

Paulette Guerin Bane

Standout Linguistics Alums

Standout Spanish Alums

Standout French Alums

Standout Chinese Alums

Standout Japanese Alums

Still Curious about What You Can Do with an SLL Degree?

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