Meiji Gakuin University

University Overview

Meiji Gakuin University places a strong emphasis on international education and exchanges. Meiji Gakuin University provides many opportunities to develop links to the world, through its overseas study program, as a place to understand the world through its political, economic, and cultural background, and as a place to consider the issues of the day through interactions with persons of many different nationalities.

Asian Studies minors and Japanese language learners would find this program to be beneficial as courses are taught in English for Asian Studies majors/minors and many levels of the Japanese language are available.


Semester Calendar

Fall:  September – January
Spring:  April – July

Education Abroad Credits

Typically students take the equivalent of 12 to 15 credit hours abroad. Check with our office for more information about your specific options.

Japanese Language Instruction- All levels.

Exchange Class Lists

See sample coursework below and education abroad credits exchange students earned while abroad.

Meiji Gakuin University (Japan)  
Host Institution Course Title(s)UCA Course Code(s)UCA Course Titles(s)
Introductory Practical Japanese and Intensive JapaneseJapan 2320 or Japan 1320Intermediate 2
Labor Economics and Public PolicyECON 3315Labor Economics
Contemporary Japanese Economy and International Political EconomyECON 4375Economics of Developing Nations
Regional Economic IntegrationECON 4395Special Topics
InternshipLING 3310Issues in English as a Second Language
Japanese Minority GroupsANTH 4395 or PSCI 4340Special Topics in Anthropology or Political Science Seminar in Selected Topics
Japanese SocietySOC 3398Travel Seminar
Politics and Society in JapanPSCI 4V99Studies in Political Science
International LawPSCI 3315International Law and Organizations
Japanese HistoryHIST 4383Modern Japan
Intermediate Practical Japanese SB/WBJapan 2340Intensive Oral Practice Abroad in Japanese
Intensive Japanese 2B/WBJapan 2310Intermediate Japanese I
Buddist CultureCRWR 4V80Directed Study in Creative Writing
International JournalismMCOM 3391Topics in Mass Communication
Intermediate Practical Japanese SB/WBJAPN 2340Intensive Oral Practice Abroad in Japanese
Intensive Japanese 2BJapan 2310Intermediate Japanese I
International Disputes Settlement ProceduresPSCI 4395International Conflict & Conflict Management
Chinese EconomyHIST 4291Topics in History
Contemporary Global IssuesPSCI 4385Special Topics in Public Administration
Service LearningPSCI 4299Studies in Political Science

Assisting UCA Professor

Contact Dr. David House for more information on courses and credits.  |  501-852-0049  |  Burdick 309 A  |  Department of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures, & Cultures

Program Cost

UCA students pay regular tuition, and all scholarships and financial aid apply. For more information, view the Financial Aide Guide. Students should check with Financial Aid and the Office of Education Abroad for more information regarding the cost of a semester exchange.

Application Process

See our Semester Exchange Application page for a step-by-step overview of the application process. Please be sure to turn in all documents before the published deadlines.

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