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Independent Education Abroad

Who should register?

Any student who wants Education Abroad Credit to be approved and to appear on the UCA transcript must register their program with our office.

Any students receiving a TAG Grant or other university funding on an independent program are required to register their education abroad program through the UCA Office of Education Abroad.

Steps to Apply

1) Complete the online application  prior to your scheduled meeting with the Office of Education Abroad.

Independent Education Abroad Application

2) Attend the health and safety meeting offered each Spring semester through the Office of Education Abroad.

3) Our office will request a detailed itinerary before to departure. This itinerary must include the airline itinerary and other details such as hotel/hostel/host names, addresses, and phone numbers. This link will be shared with you after submitting your application and completed registration.

4) Communicate with the office. Check your email account for updates as we will share important information related to international insurance, registering with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (, the required Health and Safety meeting, and other pertinent information related to travel and safety. Upon return, make sure you turn in all official transcript to the UCA Education Abroad Office.

5) All students traveling on university business should complete the UCA International Travel Registry.

6) The UCA Education Abroad Fee will be charged to your student account upon registration ($75.00).

7)  International Insurance Requirements: All travelers must have international insurance coverage. Anyone is able to purchase international insurance by going through the iNext website at Please send Education Abroad a copy of your insurance. If you want to purchase another type of international insurance or if it is included in your program, please email the policy to

8) Register with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program once you have exact locations abroad:

9) Make sure you are enrolled in a shell course at UCA through your department or through the Office of Education Abroad and have turned in your pre-approval for education abroad credit.

10) UCA students may not use UCA Study abroad scholarships or other university financial aid to travel or study in locations rated at LEVEL 4 DO NOT TRAVEL on the U.S. Department of State’s Travel Advisory website. Students traveling in areas or countries with Level 1 and Level 2 ratings should consult the website and heed all warnings while avoiding all Level 4 areas or locations that may exist in some countries.  All travel to locations or countries with a LEVEL 3 RECONSIDER TRAVEL advisory must be pre-approved by the Office of International Engagement Associate Vice-President, Legal Counsel, the Provost and Executive Vice President, and the President of the University of Central Arkansas.

Some key points to consider before traveling:

Do I need to apply for a visa to enter the foreign country?

Have I called my credit card(s) and bank(s) to inform them of international travel?

Do I need any vaccinations before traveling? Check for requirements/suggestions. Students registering for programs agree to the following: I understand that UCA does not control requirements of vendors, universities, and other stakeholders for study abroad programing. Should a vendor or organization require masks, vaccinations, quarantine, or other measures regarding COVID 19, I agree to follow these requirements. While UCA and its partners will work to update students, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to take measures to protect themselves from the spread of disease.

Do I have an adequate supply of prescription medicine while abroad? Do I need to contact my doctor to request extra medication for my travel?

Have I completed the education abroad credit documentation including the pre-approval for credit? UCA Education Abroad Course Approval Form

Students can education abroad with programs that are not through UCA however the process of transferring credit is between the student, the department, and the Office of the Registrar. Please see the Office of the Registrar for more information.