East China Normal University

University Overview

Founded in Shanghai in October 1951, East China Normal University (ECNU) is one of the most prestigious universities in China and is sponsored by the national programs “Project 211” and “Project 985.” According to ECNU’s website, there are about 5,000 international students studying at ECNU. Currently, the number of full-time undergraduate student population is around 14,500.

ECNU hosts a language immersion in summer for students. UCA students have participated in the summer program hosted by ENCU. This semester option allows students more time to study and improve on Mandarin while being immersed in Shanghai, a city of more than 24 million people.

Semester Calendar

Fall:  September – December
Spring:  February – June

Education Abroad Credits

Typically students take the equivalent of 12 to 15 credit hours abroad. Check with our office for more information about your specific options.

Chinese Majors: Chinese Majors will participate in the Standard Chinese Language Program. The Standard Chinese language program is designed for students who want to know more about Chinese culture and improve their Chinese language skills. The classes stress the equal importance of listening, speaking, reading and writing Chinese in order to lay a solid foundation for students on the basis of practicality. For more information about this program and courses offered: Standard Chinese Language Program

Chinese Minors: Chinese Minors will participate in the Global China Program. Chinese as a Second Language Courses are offered for students for as well as classes in the English language in the areas of Business and Political Science for example. For more information about this program and courses offered: Global China Program

See sample coursework below and education abroad credits exchange students earned while abroad.

East China Normal Univeristy (ECNU) (China)  
Host Institution Course Title(s)UCA Course Code(s)UCA Course Title(s)
Chinese Intensive CourseCHIN 2340Intensive Chinese Conversation Abroad
Chinese Intensive CourseCHIN 2350Intermediate Conversational Chinese
Chinese Intensive CourseCHIN 3300Advanced Chinese Grammar I
Chinese Intensive CourseCHIN 3303Advanced Chinese Grammar II
Chinese Intensive CourseCHIN 3330Advanced Chinese Grammar I
Chinese (Advanced)CHIN 3300 & CHIN 3303Advanced Chinese Grammar I & Advanced Chinese Grammar II
Chinese Popular CultureCHIN 3320Advanced Reading in Chinese
Chinese Intensive CourseCHIN 3340Advanced Intensive Chinese Conversation Abroad
Chinese (Advanced)CHIN 3398Travel Seminar Abroad
Chinese Intensive CourseCHIN 4300Independent Study in Chinese
Chinese PhilosophyREGL 4305Chinese Philosophies and Religions
History of Modern ChinaHIST 4381Modern China
International Marketing (China Focus)ECON 4395Special Topics in Economics: International Marketing
Globalization and UrbanizationECON 4395Special Topics in Economics: China Economics
Elementary Integrated Course ICHIN 3300 & CHIN 2340Advanced Chinese Grammar 1 + Intensive Chinese Conversation Abroad
Elementary Oral Course IICHIN 3340 + CHIN 3380Advanced Intensive Chinese Conversation Abroad + Advanced Composition and Textual Analysis
Elementary Listening Course IICHIN 3398Travel Seminar in China

Assisting UCA Professor

Contact Dr. Guo-Ou Zhuang for more information on courses and credits.

gzhuang@uca.edu  |  501-450-3263  |  Irby 207 H  |   Department of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures, & Cultures

Program Cost

UCA students pay regular tuition, and all scholarships and financial aid apply.  For more information, view the Financial Aid Guide. Students should check with Financial Aid and the Office of Education Abroad for more information regarding the cost of a semester exchange.

Application Process

See our Semester Exchange Application page for a step-by-step overview of the application process. Please be sure to turn in all documents before the published deadlines.

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