Université Catholique de l’Ouest

University Overview

Founded in 1373, re-founded in 1875, Université Catholique de l’Ouest (UCO) is one of the oldest universities of the Great West. Studying in France gives you the opportunity to explore a unique culture and historical heritage. The town of Angers is small enough to feel at home but large enough where students have plenty of activities and choices for spending free time.

Education Abroad Credits

Typically students take the equivalent of 12 to 15 credit hours abroad during a semester. Check with our office for more information about your specific options.

Students have an option to immerse themselves in coursework taught in French while attending classes such as History or Translation. Students also have the option to enter the CIDEF program and take French language instruction coursework through direct enroll. Scholarships can be used for both programs.

Primary language of instruction: French
French as a second language courses through CIDEF

Brochure VA CIDEF 2021-2022

See sample coursework below and education abroad credits exchange students earned while abroad.

Host Institution Course Title(s)UCA Course Code(s)UCA Course Title(s)
Introduction à l'anthropologie sociale et culturelleANTH 1302Introduction to Anthropology
Communication professionelle en françaisFREN 2310Intermediate French I
Traductologie & Version anglais
Version anglaisFREN 3160/3260Practicum in French
Traductologie I et Stylistique française appliquée
Version espagnolFREN 3160Practicum in French
Approche de la linguistiqueFREN 3260Practicum in French
Société et paysanneries européenesFREN 3300Advanced Grammar and Composition I
Langue française 2FREN 3303Advanced Grammar and Composition II
Expression françaiseFREN 3303Advanced Grammar and Composition II
Les élites en EuropeFREN 3312French Civilization
Histoire médiévaleFREN 3312French Civilization
Vie politique françaiseFREN 3312French Civilization
Société et paysanneries européenesFREN 3312French Civilization
Histoire contemporaine & methodologie IFREN 3312French Civilization
Littérature générale et comparée 2FREN 3320French Literature I
Histoire des musiques populairesFREN 3321French Literature II
Littérature des pays de LV1 + Expression écriteFREN 3321French Literature II
Communication professionelle en françaisFREN 3340Intensive Oral Practice Abroad in French
Expression françaiseFREN 3340Intensive Oral Practice Abroad in French
Pratique théatrale: le jeu de l'acteurFREN 3340Intensive Oral Practice Abroad in French
Le français dans le mondeFREN 3340Intensive Oral Practice Abroad in French
Expression française
Thème LV1 anglais
Traduction (Thème) LV2 anglaisFREN 3370French Translation
Thème/Langue professionelle anglaisFREN 3370French Translation
Thème/Langue des medias anglais
Traductions/Langue économique anglaisFREN 3370French Translation
Traductions/Langue économique espagnol
Version/Langue progfesionnelle espagnolFREN 3370French Translation
Version espagnol
Pratique théatrale 2FREN 3398Intensive French Abroad
Expression françaiseFREN 3398Intensive French Abroad
Philosophie politiqueFREN 3398Intensive French Abroad
Intro à la philosophie
Soi et l'autreFREN 4300Independent Study in French
Culture contemporaine anglais
Actualité politique internationale IIFREN 4350Advanced Conversation and Phonetics
Expression françaiseFREN 4350Advanced Conversation and Phonetics
Langue française 2FREN 4350Advanced Conversation and Phonetics
Histoire du cinema et analyse filmique
Poetique du romanFREN 4395Advanced French Literature
Littérature et musique
Marketing et communicationMGMT 2301Business Communications
Commerce & culture d'entreprise
Traductologie and Communication OraleFREN 3370French Translation
Cours de Langue et culture françaisesFREN 3300Advanced Grammar and Composition I
Intro a la civilisation/Pouvoirs et autorites en EuropeFREN 3312French Civilization
Sociologie Politique/Intro à la philosophieFREN 4395Advanced French Literature
Decoverte des metiers es institutions da la cultureFREN 3312French Civilization
Langue et culture françaises niveau IFREN 3340Intensive Oral Practice Abroad in French

Assisting UCA Professor

Contact Dr. Katelyn Knox for more information on courses and credits.

kknox@uca.edu  |  501-450-5585  |  Irby 207 B  |   Department of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures, & Cultures

Program Cost

For exchange placement with UCO, students pay UCA tuition and scholarships apply.

For direct enroll placement at CIDEF, UCA students pay tuition at the partner university. Most scholarships apply. See the Financial Aid Guide. Students should check with Financial Aid and the Office of Education Abroad for more information regarding the costs of each program.

Students applying for exchange or direct enroll are eligible to apply for the Study Abroad Scholarship.

Application Process

See Apply Now for more information.

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