Students may apply for admission to undergraduate music study at the University of Central Arkansas for the fall, spring, or summer terms. Applicants are encouraged to begin the application process late in their junior year or early in their senior year of high school.

In addition to meeting the general requirements for admission to the University of Central Arkansas, students desiring to pursue a major or minor in music must submit an additional application and supporting materials to the Department of Music. All prospective music majors and minors must audition for admission to the program.


Think you might want to be a music major?

Majoring in music takes a lot of hard work and long hours.  However, if you are dedicated, you will find it very rewarding.  Majoring in music means not only performing, but also taking academic classes in music.  These classes cover music history, music theory (the mechanics of how music works), and ear training.  In addition to your instrument or voice, you will have to study piano.

In order to do your best in these classes, you will need to do some PREPARATION before your freshman year.  This may mean taking the INITIATIVE in teaching yourself subjects that are not offered in your high school.  The link below will take you to a document that will help you get started with studies in:

  • music fundamentals
  • ear training
  • piano
  • music literature

Preparing for College Courses in Music


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To be considered for admission to a music degree program and/or a music scholarship, please also fill out the Music Department Application.


Admission from High School
• Submit all general materials to the UCA admissions office.
• Submit music application to Department of Music (forms available from music office or online).
• Audition in the principal applied area. A satisfactory audition is essential to determine acceptability to the department. No student is allowed to declare any major in music without this audition.
• Audition for placement in piano. Piano proficiency is not required for admission. All students will be placed in an appropriate level of piano instruction. Time and date of placement tests will be sent to all students who audition.
• Complete the Basic Musicianship Evaluation, a brief test of rudimentary music skills. Both the audition and the Basic Musicianship Evaluation are vital in the screening process.


Admission as a Transfer from Another College
• Same as admission from high school.
• Examinations in theory and music literature/history are required for placement or verification of transfer credits in music courses.
Departmental Graduate Admission Requirements
• In addition to the Graduate School admission requirements, a satisfactory score on the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is required within one semester of matriculation at the latest.
• For performance and conducting areas: An audition with area faculty. Performance in the area of specialization is to reflect the basic proficiency of a college undergraduate.
• For conducting and pedagogy areas: A taped performance of the applicant’s ensemble.

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International Students
International students must have a TOFEL score that meets UCA International Admission requirements or will be enrolled in the Intensive English Program.
Music audition requirements vary from area to area. For detailed information, please refer to our audition page.