Network services are provided to the UCA community to facilitate the mission of the University for the students, faculty and staff. However, it is recognized that on some occasions individuals that are not part of the UCA community also need access to those services. This page describes the guest options available in those situations.

Wifi Registration

This form allows you to register wireless devices on the campus wireless network if you have a UCA network account.
Register Your Device

Networking In Housing

When you connect your device to a wireless network, the SSID is the name of the network that is displayed to you when you choose to connect. Guests of the University may connect to the UCAGUEST SSID with their device and obtain access to the UCA web site as well as external Internet access to the World Wide Web.

The UCA campus network is available in all UCA Residence Halls and some apartment buildings, so if you are living on campus you can connect to it. For the wired port in your room you will need a CAT5E patch cable. If you decide to connect your computer to the UCA network, remember the policies in the student handbook and the UCA Computer Use Policy apply.

Routers and wireless routers/access points broadcast services that the UCA campus network already supplies and so they can interfere with other students attempting to access the network. Please do not connect personal networking equipment such as routers and wireless access points to the network.

Group Wireless Access

If group event on campus requires access not included with the UCA Guest SSID, individual temporary login credentials can be created to accommodate this. A UCA employee sponsor can provide the information at the link below for their event. Please note that some lead time is required for this process.


Upon notification the Department of Information Technology will generate login credentials for your event and bring them to you for distribution to your guests.

Individual Wireless Access

If a UCA guest requires access not included with the UCA Guest SSID a UCA employee can sponsor them on their own. Once the guest attempts to connect to UCAWIRELESS they will be presented with the option to request guest access. Completing the form will send their sponsor a link allowing them to grant immediate access. It is important to verify the accuracy of the information in the form prior to submission or access will be significantly delayed.

Note that this method can also work for small groups, but can get cumbersome if the group is too large.


  1. If a you are unable  get to the log in page, check is to see if you are getting a good IP address.
    How to view the IP address for a local area connection
    How to view the IP address for a wireless connection
  2. If you do not have a good IP address then you will need to try to find out why
    • View the device manager and look to see if there is a yellow circle with a question mark next to the wireless card. You may need to reinstall the driver.
    • Make sure on your laptop that you can get into our wireless to eliminate the possibility of it being the problem.