Device Restrictions

Administrative Guide

Policies, Standards, and Procedures

NUMBER: 1.2.04

DATE: 11/15/99
REVISION:  10/29/21

It is the responsibility of the Division of Information Technology to implement network and computer-related services and resources that affect the UCA community as a whole. In order to minimize network-related problems and network downtime caused by installing non-standard devices or implementing duplicate services, no group other than the Division of Information Technology may implement a campus-wide service on the UCA network.


Other network equipment refers to network access and control devices including routers, managed switches, or other devices containing network interface cards (NICs).


  1. The Division of Information Technology has expended considerable funds, effort, and planning to build a large network using a standardized set of network equipment. The equipment connecting the network segments and providing access to the network is critical to maintaining the functionality of the network. Any one piece of network equipment has the potential to adversely affect a large number of users on the network. Given the critical nature of the data network to UCA and the potential disruption caused by connecting non-standard equipment to the network, the Division of Information Technology closely adheres to the following policies.
  2. Equipment not specifically pre-approved by the Division of Information Technology will not be connected to the campus network.
  3. Non-approved equipment found connected to the campus network will be immediately disconnected.
  4. Devices (standard or non-standard) that are found to be disruptive to the operation of the campus network will be disconnected until the problem is resolved. This will be done to prevent prolonged disruption of network services.