Systems Administration

IST’s Systems Administration team is responsible for planning, designing, installing, problem-solving, and general operations of UCA’s technology infrastructure and services.


The Systems Administration team is responsible for the following services.

Faculty and Staff Accounts

A network account is required for faculty and staff to access their shared network applications and personal network storage space.

Individual account names will reflect the actual name of the individual, though common shorted versions are allowed (i.e. Bob for Robert, Debbie for Deborah, etc). For more information, visit the Account Creation Rules policy page.


NetStorage helps to access your files securely over the internet. To log into your NetStorage account, click here.

Data Backup

Backup refers to making copies of data so that these additional copies may be used to restore the original after a data loss event.

IST backs up data files for:

  • Emails
  • Pool drives
  • Home directories

It is always safe to backup your files in case of an emergency. You can backup your information to a storage device or service such as:

  • USB flash drives
  • External hard drives
  • Google drive

Student Accounts

All registered students at UCA have a network account setup automatically. There is no need to request your account.

If you have changed your name with the Registrar’s office and have gotten a new student ID card, please come to the IST Help Desk Burdick 101 to receive a new account name.

To use your account, you will need to know your account name and your password.

Email Listservs

Listservs and Google Groups are a method of using to efficiently communicate among a large number of people. To see a list of available Google Groups, you can visit the UCA Google Groups page.

UCANET-L is the most popular example. Any employee of the university may subscribe and post messages to the UCANET-L link Google group with their UCA network account. To become a member of the UCANET-L group, click here.


PrinterLogic allows users to install printers, along with their associated drivers, from a web browser and to submit print jobs over the network. To print using PrinterLogic, follow the instructions in the Knowledgebase article Installing and uninstalling printers and copiers.

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