Blackboard is a course management system used by UCA. Blackboard Learn includes a Virtual Course Environment with a complete set of tools for course preparation, delivery, and management, resulting in an e-learning system that is easy to use, innovative, and reliable.

UCA is currently on Blackboard Learn 9.1 (April 2014).

Blackboard 24-Hour Support Center

24/7 technical support for Blackboard and Collaborate is available for students, faculty, and staff. For any Blackboard questions or issues, please do not contact the IST Help Desk. For more information, visit the Blackboard 24-Hour Support Center page.

Faculty Information

Student Login Information

If you are a student, you will log into Blackboard at, you will need your student account information. Your username is the first part of your email address and your password is a six digit PIN (in the email, the username is jdoe1). If you don’t know this information, you will need to bring a photo ID to the IST Help Desk in Burdick Hall 101.

Once in Blackboard, click the My Courses tab. Click the course you are trying to access, and a new window should appear for the Blackboard course.

Other Resources