Transition of Care Guide

Welcome to the University of Central Arkansas (UCA). You may be entering UCA with an already diagnosed mental illness, disability or medical challenge. You will need to know the services available at UCA to have a smooth transition of care.

Counseling Center

Student Health Center, Suite 327

(501) 450-3138

Staff includes eight full-time mental health professionals and a part-time psychiatrist.

Office of  Accessibility Resources & Services – OARS

Student Health Center, Suite 212

(501) 450-3613

Please contact staff to determine and coordinate accommodations.

Student Health

Student Health Center, 1st Floor

(501) 450-3136

The clinic includes a Women’s Center and full service from X-rays to medical check-ups.

Student Success

Old Main Hall, Suite 104

(501) 852-2117

Staff, faculty and trained students are available to support students at all phases from their academic career. Services include tutoring, success coaching and mentoring.

Center for Global Learning and Engagement

McCastlain Hall, Suite 109


Staff is available to assist international students in all facets of life at UCA.

Taking Control of Your Health Care

As you enter UCA you will have to advocate for yourself.  It is important then that you know the following:

  1. Know the name of your condition (ex. Bipolar II, Diabetes Type II, Dyslexia, etc.)
  2. Know the medication you are taking and dosage.
  3. Have the names and contact information of your providers (doctors, etc.)
  4. Know what medications you have tried in the past.
  5. Be able to describe your symptoms and how they affect your daily functioning.
  6. Know what services (therapy, medical treatment, accommodations, etc.) you have received and how it affected your symptoms.
  7. If you have a learning disability please travel with a copy of supporting documentation (diagnosis, testing, etc.) and the services you may require.
  8. Have information regarding your insurance and the co-pays.

If You Take Medication

  1. Before coming to UCA, if possible, get a three month supply of your medication, and/or multiple refills.
  2. Please note if you are taking ADD medication arrange with your provider /doctor a way to get your medication while at UCA. It is difficult to get a new provider for ADD medication and UCA does not provide this service.
  3. If you are aging out of a system then please visit with Student Health Services or the Counseling Center as soon as possible for continuation of care. Please have information on current medication, dosage, and length of treatment.

Treatment Options when Away from Home 

You have the following options while away from home: 

Option A: 

  • If you have a mental disorder you may continue treatment at the UCA Counseling Center.
  • Any records from your original treatment team will be helpful.
  • Contact information for your original treatment team will also be helpful.
  • Counseling is free to all registered students.

 Option B:

  • You can continue treatment with an off-campus provider. You may obtain referrals from your treatment team, the UCA Counseling Center and/or Student Health.
  • Off-campus providers will require your insurance information.
  • Make sure you have the contact information for your provider at home so that your new provider can make contact if needed.

Option C:

  • You can continue treatment with your provider from home given that the distance allows you to have regular sessions or appointments as needed.
  • You may also have contact with the UCA Counseling Center or Student Health Clinic in cases of emergencies.

Regardless of the option you choose, you can visit the Counseling Center and the Student Health Clinic at any time. The UCA Counseling Center is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  In case of an emergency, you can call the Counseling Center staff at 501-450-3138 during working hours. After working hours please contact your Resident Assistant (RA) or call UCA PD at 501-450-3111.

The following are additional emergency numbers: 

  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline – 1-800-273-8255 (TALK)

                    Live Chat:

                    Text with a trained counselor from the crisis text line for free 24/7

Text ARK to 741741

  • Rape Crisis/Domestic Violence : 866-358-2265 (Conway)